Is it possible for a man to convert to Judaism without circumcision?

I'm not talking about where [medical reasons]( would prevent circumcision; I'm curious to know if an uncircumcised gentile can convert to Judaism without going through circumcision -- a man who doesn't want to get a circumcision, but is otherwise capable of doing so without medical risk.

On [this list]( I see 3 commandments related to circumcision:
1. "To circumcise the male offspring"
2. "That an uncircumcised person shall not eat of the t'rumah (heave offering), and the same applies to other holy things."
3. "That the uncircumcised shall not eat of the flesh of the Paschal lamb"

So what's impeding a person to become Jewish who doesn't have male offspring, doesn't eat the Paschal lamb, t'rumah or other holy things?