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Looking at the definition of Talmid Chacham as it is found in Sefer Kehillat Yaacov of Rabbi Yaacov Tzvi Yolles, z"l, it says the distinguishing characteristics of a talmid chacham are primarily: kindness and understanding.

That these traights are a consequence of studying G-d's ways, like we learn from Rabbi Elazar quoting Rabbi Chaninah (Brachot 64a, Yevamot 122b, Nazir 66b, Keritot 28b and Tamid 32b), "Talmidei Chachamim increase peace in the world, as it says And all your children are Students of G-d, your children increase peace. Do not read, 'your children, but your builders.

The intention is that Talmidei Chachamim increase peace, meaning the covenant of peace, in the world.

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