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Questions tagged [zivug]

Questions regarding the traditional Jewish concept of a designated soulmate.

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How does Hashem decide when someone will meet their soulmate?

What is Hashems criteria for determining when someone will meet their soulmate? Is it due to their deeds or issues related to their past lives that need to be resolved in this life?
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Does everyone end up with their 'soulmate'/bashert?

I ask this in all respect because there are people who end up not having a romantic partner or spouse in their life. Yet, there is an assertion that HaShem has designated for each individual a ...
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Soul mates, death and remarriage - who will we spend eternity with?

Introduction In the general concept of kabbalistic soul mates, we marry the other half of our soul (may we all be zoche to find our true zivug and have a bayit ne'eman b'yisrael). Our goal is to ...
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Is it possible to use free will to avoid getting married?

In the context of zivugim, it seems that it's not possible to marry someone who is not your zivug. See this answer for some sources, as well as this gemara in Moed Katan 18b for example. What I have ...
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Question about shidduchim and finding your bashert?

I know this is kind of a weird and long-shot question, but are there any Torah sources which mention signs (simanim) that a person is about to find their bashert? And are there are any sources which ...
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Concept of a zivug with multiple wives

From what I understand, a person has a zivug. Whether that means they will for sure marry them or whether it simply means there exists an “ideal” partner somewhere, how does this work when people of ...
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Marriage/Zivug Sheini

We know that first marriages are arranged in Heaven 40 days before a child is created. Second marriages however are based on the person's merits. What happens when it's a first marriage for one spouse ...
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If a shidduch says "no" to you, does that mean that they are not your zivug? [closed]

If a shidduch says "no" to you, does that mean that they are not your zivug (predetermined soulmate)? Some sources: Forty days before the formation of an embryo, a Heavenly voice proclaims: The ...
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