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Questions tagged [zeroa-lechayayim-keiva]

Questions related to the 24 gifts kohanim (priests) receive as payment for their service in the Mikdash (Temple).

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Are Levites obligated to give foreleg, cheeks and maw

According to Halacha are Levites obligated to give a kohen the foreleg, cheeks, and maw of a Shechita’d animal? Or no, due to their unique lineage are they exempt from the requirement?
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3 votes
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May a non-Kohein purchase or eat tongue?

A footnote in this question states that the tongue is one of the parts of the animal which is given to Kohanim. This led me to wonder if a non-Kohein may purchase or eat tongue? I have seen tongue for ...
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How could Avraham feed his guests tongue?

Avraham served his guests three tongues in mustard.1 However, Avraham kept all the mitzvot,2 one of which is to give the foreleg, jaw (including the tongue3), and maw of each slaughtered animal to the ...
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