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Questions pertaining to the trait of arrogance or hubris.

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Can wearing big tefillin be seen as yuhara?

I am interested in getting 4x4 tefillin in order to have more mehudar parshiyot, but I'm worried about wearing them in a kehila where they wear smaller tefillin. I'm especially concerned about wearing ...
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Is it arrogant to publicly perform a mitzvah according to the Shulchan Oruch when others publicly are not careful to do it properly?

I observe various mitzvos that are not carried out according to the letter of the law in Shulchan Oruch. For example, taking 3 steps backward after Shemonah Esrei as described in OC 123 One bows ...
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Standing during Torah reading in front of your Rabbi

Are you allowed to stand during Torah reading in front of your Rabbi who is sitting? (I think I heard that this might be a problem because it implies you are better than your Rabbi, or don't fully ...
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Selichoth with Tallith and Tefillin

Assuming one is saying selichoth during the time of tallith and tefillin (e.g. ~6AM in the greater New York metropolitan area), should one put them on first or wait till after selichoth? Does it make ...
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Keeping your own community's dinim vs. yuhara

My chosen community--like every community, I suppose--has its own body of distinctive minhagim, horaos, chumras, hiddurim, and normative halachas. All, including the hiddurim, are observed with a high ...
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Parameters of Yuhara - When should someone be concerned that he's overdoing it?

There are many cases in halakha where one is discouraged from adopting a stringency because it appears to be an expression of 'religious haughtiness' (יוהרא). When should someone be concerned about ...
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