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When and why did the custom that a Nidda hides from the public that she is a Nidda start

I understand that in the past it was not hidden from the public that a Nidda was a Nidda, as they wore special clothing. As we see the רע"ב's explanation in the Mishna in Kethubot 7:6 ...
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The Rambam's Nekudah Neflah (נקודה נפלאה)

I heard two people learning about Issur Kolel and Issur Moisif. They kept talking about the Rambam's Nekudah Niflaah. What is it?
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How do we determine whether a dish is clean?

There are situations in which the question arises in halacha (specifically, the laws of kashrus) whether a piece of flatware or a dish is clean — by which I mean whether it lacks any remnant of ...
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Looking for a sefer to help prepare for smicha

I am currently learning hilchos taaroves and will soon be moving on to basar bechalav and melicha etc. in preparation for getting smicha. I have looked around and found countless (literally countless) ...
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What happened to Siman 168?

If you look in the Tur Yoreh Deah Siman 168 (so too the Shulchan Aruch), you'll notice that there's nothing there. Was it lost sometime in history? It looks like the Shulchan Aruch also didn't have ...
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How far does Chaticha Naaseh Neveila go?

Someone cooked an article of food in his kitchen in 2000. In 2010, he discovered that it was treif Gamur. Between 2000 and 2010 he changed all his cutlary, plates, etc. so that nothing that he owns is ...
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Benefitting from desecrated tombstones

We learn in Sanhedrin 48a: ת"ש נפש שבנאו לשם חי מותר בהנאה הוסיף בו דימוס אחד לשם מת אסור בהנאה הכא במאי עסקינן דרמא ביה מת Come and hear! A tomb built for a man still alive, may be used. If, ...
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Wearing special clothes in public while in niddah- isn't this a lack of tznius?

The gemara in Ketubot 72a tells us that women wore special clothes when they were in niddah, and thus all the neighbors would know when a woman was in niddah ("הוחזקה נדה בשכינותיה"). This ...
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Does peanut butter need a Hechsher

What’s the Halacha regarding whether Jews may eat peanut butter without a Hechsher? If they buy peanut butter from gentiles, do they require a kosher certification to eat?
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Kosher Quizzing [closed]

What is it that you have two items one thing that starts off Kosher and ends up non Kosher by putting something that starts off non kosher and ends up Kosher?
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