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One of the Shoftim - Judges who led Israel to war against the Ammonites 300 years after entering the land

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What else could have come out of Yiftach's house?

Judges chapter 11 tells of the vow that Yiftach makes to God -- if he is successful in battle he will offer up to God the first thing that comes out of the door of his house to greet him. As we know, ...
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Did Yiftach's daughter have to comply with his vow?

In Judges chapter 11 Yiftach vows to dedicate whatever first comes out of the doors of his home to God (perhaps to be sacrificed as an offering) should he be victorious in battle. After his victory he ...
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Why did Yiftach have to fulfill his oath?

Yiftach swore that the first thing to come out of his house upon his arrival would become a sacrifice. Unfortunately, that was his daughter. Why he didn't get it annulled and why he went through with ...
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