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12th century Spanish Jew, author of Kuzari

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Are Devarim 4:32-33 an argument from ignorance? If so, why are they often used as a rational basis that Judaism is true?

I have read/heard myriad Rabbis1 cite Devarim 4:32-33: הֲשָׁמַע עָם קוֹל אֱלֹהִים מְדַבֵּר מִתּוֹךְ־הָאֵשׁ כַּאֲשֶׁר־שָׁמַעְתָּ אַתָּה וַיֶּחִי׃ Has any people heard the voice of God ...
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On the interpretation of Genesis 1: 1

I'm an Italian noahide. Here are some observations on Genesis 1: 1, about which I would very much like to know your opinion. 1 In most translations I have consulted, the verse is thus render:” In ...
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Cantillation as punctuation in Kuzari

In the Kuzari (2:72), the "chaver" says of the cantillation marks (טעמי המקרא): הם מצינים את המקום בו התכון המדבר להפסיק בין ענין לענין ואת המקום בו רצה להמשיך בענין; וכן מבדילים הם בין ...
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Disproof for Christianity? [closed]

The Kuzari begins by disproving Aristotelianism, Christianity, and Islam, after which it proves Judaism. The Kuzari's disproof of Christianity is essentially as follows. Seeing is believing; if you ...
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How can I respond to challenges to the Kuzari argument for the transmission of Torah from Sinai?

The Kuzari's argument for the transmission of Torah from Sinai was extremely convincing when I heard it, and I've read different summaries of it by Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb and Rabbi Leib Keleman (I must ...
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Collection of poems by Yehuda HaLevi

Where can I find a printed book with a collection of poems by Yehuda HaLevi? Ideally this book should (in order of importance): Be available to an American consumer Include the original Hebrew ...
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