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Questions tagged [written-torah]

Also torah-shebiksav, written-law, etc. Questions regarding laws and ideas connected to the written scripture, especially the Pentateuch.

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On the relative authority of biblical and rabbinic law

A principle in Judaism is that perceived uncertainties in biblical laws must be resolved with stringency, whereas perceived uncertainties in rabbinic laws may be resolved with leniency. But rabbinic ...
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Why connecting Information and Verses

There is a Pasuk in Shmot 24:12 that says: I will give you the stone tablets, the Law and the commandments, which I have written to instruct them. The Gemara in Berachot 5a explains that the tablets ...
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Why wasn't the Oral law imbedded in the Written?

Why were the Mishnah or the Gemara not included in the 5 books of Moshe Rabbeinu? Why was the system made in such a way that, we the people, had to go dig up and find out for ourselves? What wasn't ...
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What's the connection between the yod's on the letter tzadik, the faces of Adam and chava, and the kruvim

I have heard but I cannot find any sources linking these concepts. The Shulchan Aruch HaRav mentions that the yod's on the letter tzadik are written upside down in ktav arizal; basically not facing ...
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Are there proofs to Torah Shebeal Peh from Torah Shebechtav?

Are there any proofs or hints to the oral Torah from the written Torah?
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ki tisa: menorah versus menorah ha'tehorah

In parashat Ki Tisa two similar passages are written regarding the Ohel Mo'ed (Tent of Meeting). In the first (Shemot 30:27) Moshe Rabbenu is ordered to anoint the kelim with the shemen mischat-kodesh,...
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Written Torah in Messianic era

In the brief clip linked the speaker says that “in the end of days when Moshiah comes and prophesy comes back they’re going to write all about Jewish history, they’re going to write about galus (exile)...
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Who wrote Deuteronomy?

I know this has been covered by many commentators in the past, and here also, but I am still looking for a clear resolution of the ambiguities. Who wrote the Book of Deuteronomy? Does Tradition ...
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What does the Canonization of Tanach mean?

Following "did-the-men-of-the-great-assembly-canonize-tanach" (please read for all the related sources): To recap: before the canonization there were many man-made books, incl. Meggilot, Nevi'im, ...
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Women and Oral Law

I see that there are numerous poskim who permit women learning the Written Torah, but not the Oral Torah. What I don't understand is that you can't understand the Written Torah without the Oral Law, ...
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Did God give Moses on Mount Sinai all future rabbinical decisions?

Which of these two is the correct Jewish teaching: (1) God gave the Written and Oral Law to Moses on Mount Sinai. On this basis, rabbis past, present and future derive what Jews must do. These ...
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Why does there have to be a written Torah?

I’d like to ask the opposite of this question. There, the OP asked why we have a distinct Torah SheBa’al Peh; wouldn’t it help to disseminate the Torah better if everything were written? Answers ...
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Status of Torah written in Ksav Ivri written before Ezra Hasofer

The gemara in Sanhedrin 21 brings a discussion regarding what script the Torah was givin . One opnion holds that the Torah was given in ksav Ivri (luchos prob given in ksav ashuris according to all). ...
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Why is Hebrew written without vowels? [duplicate]

Is there a religious explanation for writing Biblical Hebrew without vowels? "Was Hebrew originally written without vowels" does not address the reasons for not using vowels.
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Everything in the oral Torah has a hint in the written Torah

Related: Was Malbim an innovator? I was learning Rav Chaim Volozhin's Drasha for Selichos. Near the end he writes: שאמרו דליכא מידי באוריתא דבע"פ דלא רמיזא באוריתא דבכתב They said: there is ...
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Reciting Scripture Orally

The Talmud (Gittin 60b) states that the Written Law may not be recited orally: דברים שבכתב אי אתה רשאי לאומרן על פה This is cited as authoritative law, by Rambam in Hilkhot Tefillah (12:8). Are ...
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Is there any sect of Judaism that interprets both the written Torah and oral Torah literally [closed]

Is there any sect of Judaism that interprets both the written Torah and oral Torah literally?
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Is there an underlying logic to the selection of detail in the Torah?

When studying a text, I tell my students that nothing is accidental and that details are included or excluded for some sort of reason. Part of discussion is hypothesizing what that reason is (in each ...
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