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Questions tagged [washing-clothes]

Also, laundry, laundering. Questions regarding laws or customs related to laundering clothing.

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Manual clothes spinner on Shabbat

There is a Halachic prohibition on squeezing wet clothes to launder them on Shabbat, however, would a manual clothes spinner that spins clothes to dry them such as this be permissible? Does the ...
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Wet clothes left up to dry before Shabbos -- does everyone follow the Mishna Brurah that they are muktzeh?

Shmiras Shabbos Kehilchasa says that if wet clothes were left hanging up to dry before the start of shabbos, then they remain muktzeh for all of shabbos, even if they're totally dry the next morning. ...
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Ritual immersion with washing of the body?

I would like to know if the ritual immersion that is prescribed in the Torah requires one to wash himself as well. From what I see, the law tells you only to immerse yourself and not to wash yourself (...
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If there is a stain on your shirt are you allowed to scrub it or pour water on it in the 9 days?

This would be considered kibus (laundering) on shabbos, and hence forbidden. But is it considered laundering in the 9 days?
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Wearing clean clothes immediately after Tish'ah beAv

Mishnah Berurah 558:3 records a custom to continue the restrictions of the 'Nine Days' regarding bathing, haircuts and laundering clothing until midday of the tenth of Av. Is this list exhaustive? ...
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Laundered Pajamas for Shabbos?

The Ohr L'Tzion (2:16:2) writes based on the Shulchan Aruch OC (242:1) that a person should wear clean clothes on Shabbos if the garment directly touches the body and becomes sweaty, but outerwear ...
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Cleaning a Talis together with silver Atora [closed]

Can I wash my heavy wool talis together with the silver Atora,what happens if I won’t remove the Atora? I will appreciate if anyone can assist me,thank you!
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Is softening a linen garment the end of the laundry process and therefore forbidden on Shabbos (Shabbos 140a)?

Shabbos 140a. Rav Safra permits softening a laundered linen shirt. (Translation and elucidation of the Gemoro below according to Sefaria) - original is: מיסתמיך ואזיל רב אחא בר יוסף אכתפיה דרב נחמן ...
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Washing clothing with sand .. how?

Rambam Hilchos Avel 6 (13) refers to washing with sand: ומכבס כסותו במים אבל לא בנתר ולא בחול He may wash his clothes in water, but not with soap or using sand. Is there an explanation of the ...
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Using fabric refresher spray during the Nine Days

The entire duration of the Nine Days, one is forbidden to wear freshly-laundered clothes, as it is part of the process of mourning for the Churban Beit HaMikdash. However, are you permitted to use ...
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Laundry during the Nine Days for Medicinal Purposes

The Shulchan Aruch (OC 551:3) rules that one may not do laundry during the Nine Days, because it's taking one's mind away from the mourning. Does this apply to doing laundry for medicinal purposes? ...
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May one temporarily remove ẓiẓit from a garment in order to launder it?

Maran HaShulḥan 'Arukh writes (Oraḥ Ḥayim 15:1) that is forbidden to remove ẓiẓit from a garment for no purpose (and the Mishnah Berurah there, s.q. 3, explains that this is to avoid disgracing the ...
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Should I run meat towels and dairy towels in different laundry loads?

In part of learning to keep a kosher home, I understand I need to keep two sets of kitchen towels, tablecloths, etc. How do I maintain these items in a kosher state? Should the towels be run through ...
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Prohibition against washing clothes on Erev Shabbat

The Gemorah (Bava Kama 82) tells us that there is a prohibition against washing clothes on Erev Shabbat. What is the reason for this enactment and why is this different than any other preparations ...
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Laundry during the nine days in the case of bed bugs

There is a halacha not to launder clothes or linens during the nine days, or at least during Shavua She'Chol Bo (the part of that period that's during the week of Tish'a B'Av). Is there room for ...
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Permissible laundry during the 9 days

Is there laundry that is permissible to wash during the 9 days? Kids' clothes, undergarments, socks, etc.? I've heard yes, but I'm looking for a source. (This blog post cites the RaM"A but doesn't ...
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Laundering clothes before the 9 days

I know that one should not wash his clothes during the 9 days, and that one should also not wear "freshly laundered clothes" during this time except on Shabbos. My question is, what constitutes "...
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