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The Steipler's Gaon idea behind voting in Eretz Yisrael

In sefer B'ein Chazon by Rabbi Shmuel David Munk, there is a letter in response to what the Steipler Gaon is supposed to have said on voting in the Israeli elections. The Steipler Gaon held that ...
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What can Torah teach us about if voting makes u responsible for the actions of the elected, or system?What does voting affect in the spiritual worlds?

If a nation has a national election with only so to speak "bad" candidates, what teachings from Tanakh, Talmud, Jewish law or Jewish ethics in general, and the mystical teachings of the ...
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What are the considerations regarding voting in elections during Sukkot?

According to reports (such as here), the British government has changed its preferred date for the next general election from 14 October to 15 October because of considerations relating to the ...
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is it forbidden to vote for a non-Jewish president (or other government figure)?

it says in the Torah (I'm quoting from Gentiles in Halacha btw): it is written in the Torah (Deuteronomy 17:15): “Then you shall appoint a king over you, whom the Lord your G-d will choose: one ...
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Can you vote for a Jew in non-Israeli politics? [duplicate]

Perhaps I was misinformed, but I've heard that we are not supposed to directly have our hands in the politics of other countries. There's also a difference in overall culture and values of Western ...
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If voting doesn't do anything, should one vote?

All translations below are my own. Lev Melech B'Yad Hashem Shlomo HaMelech tells us (Mishlei 21:1): פלגי מים לב מלך ביד יהוה על כל אשר יחפץ יטנו [Like] streams of water is the heart of a king in the ...
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Voting as a Jew or as a member of that country. [duplicate]

Assuming one is voting. Is one required to vote in line with which ever candidate is closer to Halacha (however that is determined) or is one required or allowed to vote with what he thinks is better ...
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Is one allowed to vote for an election candidate during chol hamoed?

It seems like it goes against the spirit of the holiday to have to go out of one's way to vote. But what if it's for the sake of Heaven (example being a candidate being more pro-israel)?
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How did the Sanhedrin count votes

The Great Sanhedrin was too large (71 judges) to simply know how everyone voted. There must gave been a way to count votes, in a legal fashion. (Just counting people is prohibited.) So, by what ...
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Believing 'evil tongue' during elections

On Tuesday, there are municipal elecions here in Israel, and some of the candidates are accusing their competitors of corruption. I am not in a position to check these accusations — I am neither ...
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Voting for Jews in elections

In a civil election, does Judaism teach that one should vote for Jewish candidates over non-Jews? What if the voter supports the other candidate's positions on every other issue much more?
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Voting on "Who's good for the Jews?"

In a civil election, does Judaism teach that one should vote for candidates who will be "good for the Jews" (i.e. they support laws that are more favorable to Jews as a whole than the laws that the ...
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Can you vote Stack Exchange answers up or down during Chol Hamoed?

Background Stack Exchange websites, such as Mi Yodeya, include a "voting" feature. They let me click an "up arrow" icon to indicate that a post is useful, or a "down arrow&...
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Loshon Hara against public Jewish and non-Jewish figures

Both American and Israeli politics, and of course those of other democracies, can include a lot of personal attacks, both true and untrue, including innuendo about possible adultery, gay or straight, ...
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Should the leaders of Jewish organisations be elected or appointed?

Organisations, including synagogues, are set up by people with common interests or concerns. As such organisations develop, they need to provide for their future leadership. Are there sources that ...
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How were the “seven good men of the city” appointed?

How were the “seven good men of the city” שבעה טובי העיר appointed? Was there an election and if so who could be candidates?
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How were judges appointed in the times of the Bais Hamikdash?

In the times of the Bais Hamikdash, were judges appointed by the king, or were they elected by the people? And was the system different based on which size court (i.e., courts comprised of 3, 23, or ...
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Tattling on fellow Mi Yodeyans [closed]

We are currently in the beginning of the 2012 Mi Yodeya Moderator Election. To what extent can one avail oneself of the exception of "to'elet"="for a purpose" to the standard rules of Lashon HaRa' (...
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Are You Obligated to Vote a Question You Answer?

If a question provokes your answer, it's at least Derekh Eretz (good manners) and Hakarat HaTov (gratitude) to vote on the original question. Does any halachic reason obligate you to upvote (or ...
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Voting in a church?

Are you allowed to vote inside a church? (Answers supplying sources would be preferred, as always.)
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Voting for a person that will not uphold Torah values

It is well known that Rabbi Avigdor Miller Zatzal strongly condemned those that voted for candidates that would not uphold Torah values. Yet there were many Gedolim that had no problem voting for such ...
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