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Also called "Upsherinish" and "Chalakah". The first hair-cutting of a Jewish boy. Usually takes place on his 3rd birthday. (Sometimes this is postponed due to "Sefirah.")

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Is it customary to bring gifts to an upsherin?

Do people generally bring gifts to an upsherin of a friend's son? If so, what sort of gifts are appropriate?
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Can you make an Upsherin during Sefira?

Suppose a boys birthday is 6 Iyar, which is on a date that all observe mourning practices in Sefiras Homer. For those that do not give a haircut to a child until the child is three, can they make an ...
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Upsherin at ​​2

Why do Chernobyl* chasidim do upsherin at the beginning of the third year? ​* Including Trink, Skver, etc.
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Is there an 'Inyan of Upsherin for girls?

Upsherin is cutting a boy's hair at or about the age of three for the first time. Is there any 'Inyan (idea) of an Upsherin for girls? Why or why not?
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When did upsherins become part of standard American Orthodox practice?

According to Rav Wikipedia, the upsherin is a custom that was brought from Muslims to Palestinian Jews to Tzfat Sephardim to Chasidim. Recently, I've noticed mainstream (non-charedi) Orthodox Jews ...
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Start of the Upsherin ceremony

When did it become popular to have a ceremony for a boys Upsherin, his first haircut when he reaches the age of three?
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What is the source for the "Upsheirin"?

In some families/communities, little boys do not get their hair cut until they are three, and then there is a gathering for cutting their hair. The haircut is called an "upsheirin" or "chalakeh." ...
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