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The mitzvah of charity, generally giving to the poor, In Hebrew צדקה, literally meaning "justice or righteousness."

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Mikveh fees as Ma'aser

I have recently started a Ma'aser account - a separate bank account that I transfer 10% of any income into and is readily available for giving to Tzedaka and I now use to give instead of coming direct ...
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How do you get your money from your home tzedaka box to your favorite charity?

Okay now I have this tzedaka box sitting in my living room and it's full of coins and crumpled bills. How do I give that to my favorite charity? Or any charity?
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If you use money for kaparos pre-yom kipur, is it fungible or must those bills go directly to tzedaka?

When we do Kaparos, we say "this money shall go to charity" -- so I put that dollar bill in the tzedaka box; is it okay if a few days from now I count what's in my tzedaka box, write a check for the ...
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If someone requests charity during the blessings of Shema, may I give it?

Many times, people collect money during davening, including during the blessings of the Shema, and the custom is to give during that time. Is it permissible to give during this time? The ...
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Does a discount to a poor person count as tzedakah?

If someone performs a service for a poor person and gives a discount in order to help him out, does the difference count as tzedakah? If so, can the full amount be counted towards maaser, or do we say ...
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What is the connection between giving tz'daka and tripping on steps?

"Paso'ach Tiftach Es Yadecha Lo", open up your hand to the poor (Re'eh 15:8). The Gemara in Bava Basra (10a) tells the story how Rav Papa was walking up the stairs and his foot slipped and he was ...
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Tzedakah Commission

Is someone who is collecting Tzedakah (charity) allowed to take a commission for his/herself? And if so: Is there a source for the permissibility of such commissions? Is there a maximum percentage ...
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Jewish definition of a charity

I know that Jews are supposed to give 10% of their income to charity, but what constitutes a charity? I know that Shuls, Jewish schools and poor people in your community count, but what about secular ...
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Give ma'aser on money that you didn't make yet?

Can I give ma'aser on money that I didn't earn yet but I know I will be earning in the future?
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Does Ma'aser need to be given on gifts?

If I receive a monetary gift, do I need to give ma'aser on it? What about if I receive a gift that is an object (as opposed to money)?
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How do you deal with huge numbers of calls from tzedaka organizations?

We get at least 20 calls per day that show up on the caller ID without a name and with either no phone number or a number with a New York metro area code. We usually don't bother answering such calls ...
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