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Throwing salt above one's shoulder

I would like to know if such a practice has of any sort a Jewish origin found in our Rabbinic literature.
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What laws prior to Torah taught Noach (in Bereshit 8:20) that birds [Zevachim 116a:2] or bulls [Avot D'Rabbi Natan 1:8] or sheep were kosher?

Although Shmuel b. Nachmani [Sanhedrin 108b:6] claimed Noach distinguished טְּהוֹרָה ‘clean’ animals (referenced in Bereshit 7:2) based only on their status as אִישׁ וְאִשְׁתּוֹ ‘husband & wife’, ...
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What is the Torah position on home schooling vs. institutionalised education?

Is there a preference, in Torah/Talmud/traditional sources, between sending a child to a large (Jewish traditional) school, vs. the parents (assuming they are frum, and have the time and resources), ...
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Are the sefirot created?

The sefirot are said to be attributes / emanations by which the Ein Sof reveals Himself to his creation. G-d is said to be the eternal one. But are His sefirot also eternal or are they created?
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Halachot that require a Mesorah

What halachot require a mesorah in order to be done correctly? (Meaning, reading them from a book is not sufficient) Thanks
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