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Tractate dealing with process of Sotah (suspicious wife), mandetory Hebrew torah verses, Mashuach milchama (Cohen appointed for war) and egla Arufa (breaking calfs neck for unknown murder).

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Is there any connection between the Sotah, the Mizbeiach, and the Beis HaMikdash keychain?

In exactly three contexts, the Mishnah notes that there was an amah square marble slab with a ring, using exactly the same language each time. The first is in Sotah 2:2, regarding the Sotah procedure:...
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God's Nichum Aveilim

Asking for a friend: On Kiddushin 38a, Tosfos s.v. Tzei, explain that Hashem didn't approach Yehoshua until after the 30 days of mourning for Moshe had elapsed, since the Shechinah does not descend ...
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Are there any merits which delay the adulterer's explosion?

In mSotah 5:1 it states that the Sotah waters check the woman and her presumed consort. I assume this 'checking' leads to the consort suffering the same death as the woman. The talmud further states ...
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Are the talmudic "Prushim" the Rabbinic Pharisees?

In Masechet Sotah, 20a, the mishna details harmful forces and reads (translation from The following destroy the world - a foolish Chasid, a crafty evildoer, a woman who is Perushah, ...
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what determines what parts of the talmud(if any) are in hebrew rather than aramaic?

I read in this question That this line ...
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Sotah 34a se’a as unit of weight?

In Sotah 34a, the weight of the stones at the Jordan from Joshua 4:3 is given as “about forty se’a.” Some (for instance Steinsaltz) use this in the discussion of the cluster of grapes brought back by ...
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Why is the Mitzvah of Parah Adumah considered a reward?

The Gemara (Sotah 17a) says that the Mitzvah of Parah Adumah was given as a reward for Avraham Avinu’s humility, and Rashi explains that it’s considered a reward, because A. It purifies. B. It atones ...
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Why does the Gemara reference R' Yaakov in an odd way?

In Sotah 46a, it says the following: אָמַר לְהוּ הַהוּא מֵרַבָנָן ור׳ יַעֲקבֹ שְמֵיהּ לְדִידִי מְפָרְשָא לִי מִינֵּיהּ דְרַבִי יוֹחָנָן מְשִיכַת עוֹל לְרָחְבוֹ טֶפַח One of the rabbis said to them, ...
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Tzadok the Kohen Gadol considered greater than Aharon and his sons?

When I was recently learning Sotah I saw on daf 48b that Tzadok, during the time of Dovid HaMelech, was a rare instance during that period, of someone who asked the Urim VeTumim and was answered. רַב ...
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Where in the Tanakh is it derived that females are to cover their heads when praying?

Where in the Tanakh is it extrapolated that females are to cover their heads or hair when praying or reciting the name of HaShem? I form this question upon reading the following: Women and girls ...
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Parallels in Sotah 11a and Shabbat 33b

I noticed yesterday that there are some similarities between the story brought in Sotah 11a and the one in Shabbat 33b. In Sotah 11a it says: "Rabbi Ḥiyya bar Abba says that Rabbi Simai says: ...
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How common is Yichud?

דתניא רבי יוסי ברבי יהודה אומר משום ר' אליעזר המקנא לאשתו מקנא ע"פ עד אחד או ע"פ עצמו ומשקה לה על פי שנים השיבו חכמים לדברי רבי יוסי ברבי יהודה אין לדבר סוף מ"ט דר' יוסי ברבי יהודה אמר קרא בה בה ולא ...
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Meaning of Sotah 48b - '...irons chariots ceased...'

Sotah 48b states as follows: 'Rabbi Ami says: From the time when the First Temple was destroyed, shiny [peranda] silk [shira] and white glass ceased to exist. This is also taught in a baraita: From ...
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