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Tractate concerning second tithe of produce brought to temple or redeemed, and likewise with fourth year fruit on a tree

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Can you send a Shliach to Yerushalaim for your maaser sheini?

Is there a specific requirement for the actual owner to actually eat it in Jerusalem? If yes, is a Kezayis sufficient? Can the owner send a messenger to Jerusalem to deliver his Maaser Sheini there ...
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Why can't you buy water for ma'aser sheni?

Ma'aser Sheni 1:5 says that water is an invalid option for buying with ma'aser sheni money. The reason, as Bartenura's commentary explains, is because ma'aser sheni money can only be used to buy ...
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Why can a convert say mikra bikkurim but not viduy maaser?

Maaser Sheini 5:14 says that a convert can't say viduy maaser because he doesn't inherit a portion of the Land and can't say ואת האדמה אשר נתת לנו. We follow this mishnah. Bikkurim 1:4 says that a ...
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How can Biur Sheviit precede Biur Maaser?

The Mishna (Maaser Sheni 3:2) rules that one should not buy Terumah with Maaser Sheni money since one thereby further limits who can eat the Maaser Sheni which could lead to it being wasted. The ...
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The Abolition of Vidui Ma'aser

Deuteronomy 26:12-15 details a confession that must be recited on the final yontef of Pesach, both on the fourth and on the seventh years of the agricultural cycle, at such a time as there is a temple ...
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