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Questions tagged [tower-of-babel]

Questions about the Tower of Babylon - מִגְדַּל בָּבֶל. Or relating to the period of the דוֹר הַפַּלָּגָה

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How can we understand the timeline of the Tower of Babel? [closed]

I'm not finding a coherent explanation of the ENTIRE timing issue of the Tower of Babel. That I'm seeing the issue talked about so little baffles me, as the basic math from a plain reading doesn't ...
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Why did Hashem confuse the tongues of the tower-builders, rather than set them at enmity with each other?

Shalom. I have tonight been grappling with a challenge to emunah posed by historical linguistics - i.e. the fact that new languages develop naturally, through the separation, or the divisions between, ...
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What were the 10 instances when the Torah reports that God descended?

What were the 10 instances when the Torah reports that God descended? This question is inspired from reading this statement from the Wikepedia entry on parashat Noach: Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai taught ...
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Avraham was one of the builders of the Tower of Bavel?

Ibn Ezra to Gen. 11:1 says that "Avraham was amongst the builders of the Tower." "Hu haya Avraham mibonei hamigdal." Does Ibn Ezra mean that Avraham Avinu was actually one of the ...
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7 votes
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Alternative version of Tower of Babel story

When I was a kid I was told a different version of the Tower of Babel story from the one in Genesis. I haven't found a source for it and I was wondering where it might have come from. In this version, ...
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Do any commentaries suggest that the Tower of Babel was the Great Pyramid of Giza?

According to the Torah (Genesis 11) the tower of Babel was located in Shinar, which scholars place in southern Mesopotamia, and was built at around ~ 1765 BC (here). The Great Pyramid of Giza was ...
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What was G-d's problem with building the Babel Tower? [duplicate]

In the story of the Babel Tower (Gen 11) people are trying to build a tower to the skies. I assume they followed the assumption that the firmament is real (firm) and it divides between the Heavens and ...
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Tower of Babel - Rocketship?

Are there any authentic Jewish sources that claim that the Tower of Babel was a spaceship? I remember as a child being told by somebody that Rav Eibishitz had written something to this effect.
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Is Hebrew the mother of all languages spoken today in the world?

I often wonder what language Adam, Seth, Noah and Abraham (may peace and blessings be upon them) used to speak. What was their native tongue? Was it classical Hebrew? If yes, then would it be right to ...
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Is the Tower of Babel discussed in other Jewish texts?

Genesis Chapter 11 includes a few short verses about the Tower of Babel: 1 And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech. 2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed east, that they found a ...
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