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The Tosefta are a compilation of baraitot passages, organized in accordance with the order of the Mishnah

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Tosefta vs Talmud in Halacha

If the tosefta contradicts the Gemara/Talmud (either Jerusalem or Babylonian), which is more authoritative in Halacha?
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How to learn Tosefta

For those that do, could you share how you learn(ed) Tosefta? How do you fit it into your learning program of Mishna/Gemara? Also, what edition of the Tosefta do you use? The ones published at the end ...
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Is there a halachic difference between the "tzadikei" ("righteous") and the "chasidei" ("pious") umot ha Olam?

I am an Italian Noahide. Rambam, in his Mishneh Torah, says that the "pious among the Nations" ("chasidei umot ha Olam") have part in the World to Come (Hilchot Teshuvah 3:5; ...
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Historically, what is the difference between Mishna, Baraisa, and Tosefta [duplicate]

In terms of why they are not all one body of text, what is the difference between Mishna, Baraisa, and Tosefta?
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Contradiction between Mishnah and Tosefta?

Mishnah Keilim 11:4 says: קלוסטרא, טמאה ... רבי יהושע אומר, שומטה מפתח זה ותולה בחברו בשבת. רבי טרפון אומר, הרי היא לו ככל הכלים, ומטלטלת בחצר A door bolt is susceptible to impurity ... Rabbi Joshua ...
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Eidim Zommemin on Sotah?

Tosefta Sotah 2:6 notes the Halacha of the Korban of a Sotah who was made a sotah by Eidim Zommemin. I am wondering what their punishment would be. Seemingly, there should be lashes. Is it possible to ...
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Status of Tosefta

Why was Tosefta ("Supplement") not incorporated into the Mishnah? Is it any less authoritative? Many teachings therein are also in the Mishnah, but not all. Are those that are not included ...
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The wrapping of a Torah scroll only "defiles the hands" so long as it is pure? Why? What does pure mean in this case?

Tosefta Yadayim 2:5 (quoted by Rashba on Mishnah Yadayim) says: תיק הספרים ומטפחות ותיבה של ספר בזמן שהן טהורות מטמאות את הידים What does "pure" mean here? What could happen to the wrappings or the ...
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How many Perakim and Beraytot in the Tosefta?

I am trying to make a schedule. How many Perakim and Beraytot in the Tosefta?
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What’s Tosefta vs. Baraita?

I’m confused. I’ve traded corresponding Wikipedia articles, but still can’t clearly tell what is what. Is one includes the other, or they parallel? What’s one to another?
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How can people dance around bonfires on Lag Lo'Omer - it's darchei emori?

In Tosephto Shabbos 7:1, it says that one who dances by a bonfire is following in the ways of the Emorites. In light of this, how can so many supposedly frum Jews dance around bonfires on Lag Lo'Omer?
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Why does one receive reward for saying they will give tzedaka?

The Tosefta in Peah (4:17) states that if a person says they will give tzedaka and then gives it, they receive divine reward both for the "saying" and for the "giving." And in a case where the person ...
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Seeking information on the Targum to Iyov

Tosefta Shabbat 14(13?):2-3 describes a targum to the book of Iyov which was subsequently hidden away. א"ר יוסי מעשה [שהלך ר'] חלפתא אצל רבן גמליאל לטבריא ומצאו שהיה יושב על שולחנו של ר' יוחנן [...
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What teaches about the Tosefta תוספתא

What religious communities teach about the Tosefta תוספתא today? I know that among some teachers it is considered legitimate to compare and contrast parallel teachings in the Mishnah, Tosefta, and ...
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Stealing from a non-Jew is worse than stealing from a Jew

Rav Shimon Schwab zt"l (in an audio shiur titled "Jews in Golus - How High A Profile") quoted a tosefta in perek hagozel which says that to steal from a non-Jew is worse than stealing from a Jew for ...
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Differences between Bat Kol and prophecy

A bat kol, lit. a 'daughter of a voice', is understood by Marcus Jastrow as a divine voice, a substitute for prophecy. The instance of a bat kol occurs many times in the Talmud1. There are sources ...
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How do we evaluate a b'raisa that quotes Rebbe against an anonymous Mishna?

At Rosh Hashanah 19b, the Gemara raises a b'raisa quoting Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi (aka "Rebbe") -- the editor of the Mishna -- to counter the opinion of the anonymous Tanna quoted in the previous Mishna ...
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Tosefta vs. Toras Cohanim

This past Shabbos someone said over to me a particular sugia they were learning in Taharos and a maklokes Rishonim (an argument between Rishonim, medieval rabbis) in a particular analysis. One Rishon ...
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