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Use to tag questions pertaining to the application of the Toeless - constructive purpose exception for questions about various kinds of forbidden speech.

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Ethics of survey studies with a false premise

This morning I received a blast email in a group of which I'm a member, offering for free to the first taker a set of items I have never had, nor do I think I will ever have, interest in owning. I ...
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Scaring someone to teach them a lesson

Scaring or startling someone is generally a violation of Onaas Devarim. Is it permitted in order to teach someone a lesson? For example, if someone is crossing a street while texting, can you honk at ...
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Loshon HaRa and the down vote

The laws of Loshon HaRa apply whether it is the spoken word, written word, or even gestures. While I'm inclined to think it is permitted (and have done so on select occasions) how would you ...
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