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THE NEW YEAR: Rosh hashanah

Why is the first feast of the Jewish 7th month called Rosh Hashanah which means the 'Head of the year', i.e. the New Year, when those words were never used by YHWH in Vayikra (Leviticus) chapter 23? ...
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Four Gates - ארבעה שערים

The Tur OH 428 describes a system for finding the year's calendar based only on (a) the molad of this year's Tishrei, and (b) knowing which of last year, this year, and next year are regular or leap ...
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Is there a Hebrew Calendar discussion place? [closed]

Well, is there? I mean a Torah-observant place, if possible, where they discuss the math and the system behind the current calendar, original sources, perhaps the history involved in it as well (the ...
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Why is Succos in Tishrei and not in Nissan - less famous answers

There is a famous question of the Tur why Succos is in Tishrei and not in Nissan, when we actually left Mitzraim and received the Clouds of Glory. (You can find the Tur's answer here and here where it ...
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Is the month pronounced Tishri or Tishrei?

Is the month pronounced Tishri or Tishrei? I have seen both. Is one more authoritative than the other?
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Can you have almond milk on Rosh Hashana?

The custom in my community is not to eat or cook with whole nuts during Elul. But I don't know whether pulverized or otherwise disembodied nuts --for example, nuts as an ingredient in a processed food ...
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Is one forbidden to fast between Yom Kippur and Sukot?

I heard once that one shouldn’t fast between Yom Kippur and the end of Sukot , not sure its reason or if it’s an accurate statement
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What is the source and reason for saying L’Dovid during Elul and most of Tishrei?

The minhag I've seen in Ashkenazi synagogues is to say L’Dovid (Tehillim 27) morning and evening, from Rosh Chodesh Elul until Shemini Atzeres. The earliest source I can find for this is the Mishnah ...
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Two cycles of moadim [closed]

The major moadim (as mentioned in Vayikra 23) seem to be divided into two main cycles; the Tishri cycle in the fall and the Nisan cycle in the spring. The first festival in Tishri is Rosh HaShanah, ...
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Tishrei Pilgrimage

Thousands of Breslovers go to Uman for Tishrei, and thousands of Lubavitchers go to Crown Heights for Tishrei. I'm curious if there's (nowadays) any other 'mass pilgrimages' among any other Jewish ...
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Why the difference between Tishrei and Nissan for tachanun?

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, we don't say tachanun during the entire month of Nissan, because a majority of the month is spent "in kedusha," skipping tachanun -- therefore we omit tachanun for ...
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Why not say tachanun until 2 Cheshvan?

It's recorded in most siddurim I've used that some people have the custom to skip tachanun on Isru Chag (the day after Sukkos), and start again the day after, while others don't resume saying it until ...
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Why is the day of Rosh Chodesh announced before every month except Tishrei?

Why is Tishrei the only month not included in the custom of announcing the day(s) of Rosh Chodesh on the Shabbos before the month begins?
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I am looking for an algorithm to calculate Molad Tishrei for any given year

I am using MS Excel together with VBA (Visual Basic for applications) to write macros to calculate Molad Tishrei. I have located information in various web sites that explain how to calculate Molad ...
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What is the point of praying if your fate is already decided on Rosh Hashana?

It says in Mesechta Rosh Hashana "On the New Year, [first of Tishrei] all who have entered the earth pass before Him, one by one, like young sheep, as it says: “He that fashioned the heart of ...
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What is the unique energy of Tishrei that corresponds to Sukkot?

Ramchal and many others teach that every moed/festival/zman has a certain energy that it brings down with it, and every year we can access that particular force to serve Hashem in the relevant way. ...
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