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Is reciting Tamid daily obligatory

According to Halacha, is the daily recitation of Tamid considered obligatory, or merely a strong minhag? If it is an obligatory recitation, are women also obligated to recite it or no?
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2 answers

Are women obligated to recite hallel on certain holidays

According to Halacha, a woman is exempt from certain time bound mitzvot. My question is, are women obligated to recite Hallel on certain Jewish holidays, or since it is time bound to those days are ...
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1 answer

Tzitzit and women

According to Halacha, women are exempt from being obligated to perform positive, time bound, commandments. My question is, since Tzitzit aren’t time bound but only required if one is going to wear a ...
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Putting oneself in doubt, when it comes to a Mitzvah Derabanan

The Mishnah Berurah (46 S”K 31) brings an opinion - which is how the SA Harav rules - that in a case where one is afraid that he might miss the time of Shema by the time the Tzibur reaches the place ...
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How many time-bound positive mitzvot are women obligated in?

Women are generally not obligated in positive mitzvot bound by time. There are some exceptions, such as eating matzah on Pesach and making kiddush on Shabbat. What other time-bound positive mitzvot ...
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How could anyone think Rashi's daughters wore Tefillin?

There is a widely-held theory that Rashi's daughters wore Tefillin. Rashi here seems to say there is a Bal Tosif (prohibition to add on a commandment) if a women does a Mitzvat Aseh Shehazman Grama (...