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Differences in and appropriateness (for Ashkenaim) of the Sephardic Tikkun Korim Simanim

I work for a day school (85% Ashkenazi population)and we're looking to gift a copy of the Tikkun Korim Simanim to our oldest grade of students. The Sephardi edition costs $5 less - a significant ...
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Tikkun haklali in English vs. Hebrew

Rabbi Alon Anava says that reading the Tikun Haklali in Hebrew is a 1000 times more powerful than English. But my question is, what if I pronounce the Hebrew wrong? Does that disqualify my reading ...
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TIKKUN OLAM תיקון עולם [closed]

I am looking for material about TIKKUN OLAM, POST TALMUDIC PERIOD, NOT kabbalist (too difficult for my students) somebody can give share a few links or detailed resources?
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(Re)Sources on regaining spirituality and comprehension of Torah after sin

The Ramak writes that when one sins, the sin will serve as a shell (kelipah) that will prevent one from comprehending the esoteric part of Torah. In the book of Tikkunim they stated explicitly that ...
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