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Questions pertaining to taxes.

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what were taxes like during Solomon's time? (According to Judaism)

I know there was terumah (10%) which went to kohanim and maaser ani (9% every other year to poor) + maaser sheni, which isn't exactly a tax but you had to spend it in Jerusalem. Where did non-Temple ...
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Accounting and accountability for (machatzis ha)shekel tax

Every civilian male is required to contribute money annually for the purchase of public sacrifices. The sacrifices must be publicly owned, as defined by having been bought with public funds. (cf. Ra'...
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What was the nature of the tax of 32 people?

BeMidbar 31:40 states that, after the war with the Midyanim, in which Bnei Yisrael were instructed to take captives and booty, and to pay taxes to HaShem from this plunder, they "paid" a total of ...
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What constitutes Tzedaka through a Charitable Foundation?

There are various organisations that take contributions from Clients and recover the (UK) tax and allow the Client to distribute the proceeds through vouchers and other means to Charities. See for ...
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