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Questions pertaining to taxes.

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What constitutes Tzedaka through a Charitable Foundation?

There are various organisations that take contributions from Clients and recover the (UK) tax and allow the Client to distribute the proceeds through vouchers and other means to Charities. See for ...
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Maaser money / Tax form

How can I determine from the tax form 1040 what number I’m supposed to look at to calculate maaser?
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May I fulfil all or part of my maaser requirements with the amount of tax that I pay that goes to welfare, medicaid and food stamps? [duplicate]

משום דרכי שלום, tzedakah can be given to all people. Welfare and food stamps should be then defined as tzedakah as it's given to all people under the poverty line, Jewish or not. Medicaid should ...
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Paying taxes to a corrupted government [duplicate]

There are many countries with corrupted governments who steal taxpayers' money. Is one still obliged to pay taxes if the government is corrupted and steals a big fraction of the taxes one pays? What's ...
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Accounting and accountability for (machatzis ha)shekel tax

Every civilian male is required to contribute money annually for the purchase of public sacrifices. The sacrifices must be publicly owned, as defined by having been bought with public funds. (cf. Ra'...
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Tzedakah and tax deduction

In my country of residence there's a possibility to deduct charities from the tax. Since most have a daytime job and the tax is deducted in advance, in practice it means that at the end of the year ...
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Progressive Tax and Onaah

Is there an issue of a (halachic) government taxing individuals on the basis of their income?
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Does one have a halachic obligation to pay use tax [duplicate]

I apologize that this question has quite a bit of background! Many states in the USA have something called a 'sales and use tax'. The basic idea is that whenever you buy something in the state, ...
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what were taxes like during Solomon's time? (According to Judaism)

I know there was terumah (10%) which went to kohanim and maaser ani (9% every other year to poor) + maaser sheni, which isn't exactly a tax but you had to spend it in Jerusalem. Where did non-Temple ...
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"Evading" small taxes

I believe it has been stated times before on this site that Dina DeMalchusa Dina does apply to paying taxes. However, I noticed in this answer that it must be enforced in practice to apply. With ...
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What was the nature of the tax of 32 people?

BeMidbar 31:40 states that, after the war with the Midyanim, in which Bnei Yisrael were instructed to take captives and booty, and to pay taxes to HaShem from this plunder, they "paid" a total of ...
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More Maaser and Tax Math

Let's say your income before taxes and contributions was $1,111, and your tax rate is 10%. Ordinarily, you would pay $111.10 in taxes, and have $999.90 left over, which would be eligible for maaser. ...
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Should tax deductions be deducted from total maaser giving?

(1) Let's say your charitable contribution of $100 resulted in a deduction of $1 from your tax bill. Would your maaser contribution from that hundred be counted as $99 total or $100 total? (2) Let's ...
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Why is raising taxes in the the last, 3 verse chapter of Megilat Esther?

Why does the 3 verse conclusion/summary in Ch 10 of Megilat Esther tell of the King raising taxes?
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Do Chazal speak harshly of Sh'lomo for his high taxes?

As described in Ⅰ M'lachim 12 and Ⅱ Divre Hayamim 10, after Sh'lomo's passing, his son, R'chav'am, took the throne. The people immediately demanded a reprieve from Sh'lomo's extremely high ...
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Maaser on post-tax contributions to retirement accounts

In this article, quoted a few times on this site, there is a discussion on maaser deductions. He says: Tax-free income that went into a retirement (or other) account designated specifically for ...
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My obligation to not let other avoid taxes

Let's say I'm a customer. There is a seller who is offering me a deal in such a way that it is obvious he's trying to avoid paying taxes. (For example, the seller insists on cash payments and a lack ...
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