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Connections between Biur Chametz and Tashlich?

Are there any commentators that discuss the parallels between the rituals of biur chametz and tashlich? At a surface level, both involve destroying or eliminating bread, one via fire and one via ...
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For puposes of Tashlich, what is considered a "body of water"?

On the 1st day of Rosh Hashanna (if not Shabbat), customarily people go to a body of water for Tashlich. Does the water have to be there currently and must be a "natural" body of water? If so, what's ...
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Why the custom at the end of Tashlich to shake off Tzitzis?

In the Siddur Nussach Ari it says by the end of Tashlich to shake the ends of your Tzitzis, I heard that this symbolizes the tossing of a persons sins in the depth of the water (as in the verse " ...
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Taschlich Bread crumbs on Yom Tov

What is, and more over is there a source for throwing of bread during Tashlich (other then the Kids song that says to throw our Aveiros away)? The reason for the the question is because on Rosh ...
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Is there any source for throwing bread during tashlich? [duplicate]

Is there a reliable Jewish source that encourages throwing bread when performing tashlich?
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Why can we do Tashlich until Hoshana Rabba

One of the reasons to do Tashlich, according to is: "Another reason for saying Tashlich next to a river is because Rosh Hashanah is the day when we coronate G‑d as King of the Universe. ...
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Why does Yalkut Yosef recommend women not do "tashlich"?

I read in Yalkut Yossef that women don't need to go to Tashlikh and the Rav Y. Yossef shlit"a concludes with "Shev Veal Tasse Adif" (trans. it's better to do nothing). Does anyone know the reason ? I ...
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