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Questions about the book Tanya, written by R' Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Rebbe of Lubavitch Chassidus.

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Do gentiles have neshamot?

As I have seen here, some say that only Jews have a neshama, others say that all humans have one. There was a reference there only of the former opinion (Jews only), and I know from elsewhere that ...
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Why does Tanya list editions?

Every edition I've seen of Tanya includes a list, in chronological order, of every edition of Tanya ever printed. For each edition, bibliographic information is included: the publisher, the city and ...
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Are non-Lubavitch Tanya editions listed?

Every edition I've seen of Tanya includes a list, in chronological order, of every edition of Tanya ever printed, including bibliographic information. I assume some central Lubavitch office maintains ...
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Machloket about the goal of the creation

The book Mishnat Chasidim from Rabbi Emanuel Chy Ricchi, begins by a presentation of the project of creation. He gives two reasons, for Ish Yare (man who fears God): To make known His perfection, To ...
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The value of the daily study of Chitas (Chumash, Tehilim, Tanya)?

What's the value of learning "Chitas" compared to any other daily Torah study? Side question: If it's so important, why was it introduced only recently?
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reprinting of tanyas in many locations, why?

Why do Lubavitcher חסידים print “ספר של בינונים" in many different places — something about outward expansion of wellsprings?
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Humans have 613 organs?

Does the human nefesh (nefesh haAdam) have 613 spiritual organs? Tanya CH.4 says that a soul has 613 organs like the "organs of the King". I'm assuming that since man is made in the image of G-d, then ...
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Is the Baal Hatanya being too harsh with his definition of Rasha?

Is it just his opinion? Cause it is kinda depressing. From "Lessons in Tanya": As true definitive terms, tzaddik and rasha describe the quality of the good or evil in one’s soul. Viewed in this ...
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