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The category of people that fit some definition (perhaps dependent on context) of "Torah scholars".

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Do Talmid chachamim or parents get first priority

According to Halacha, which takes precedence, honoring a Talmid Chacham, or honoring parents? For example, if a Talmid Chacham ask a Jew for something, and a Jew’s parent requests something else, ...
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Is there a Halacha in Rambam that says in the presence of your teacher you should always look at him?

BH Does it say in Rambam that a person in the presence of his teacher should always look at his face and never show him his back? If yes what is the Halacha’s source?
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Why are Talmidei Chochomim referred to as builders in the Gemara?

We say in davening that Talmidei Chochomim are Marbeh Shalom in the world and it brings a Posuk that essentially says great peace to your children who are students of Hashem and it says do not read ...
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Where should Halacha come from?

On the Wikipedia page for the Bach (Rabbi Yoel Sirkis), it mentions He was also critical of those who relied solely on the Shulchan Aruch for halachic decisions, rather than on the Talmud and the ...
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Who was Rav Yonah the grandson of Rabbeinu Yonah and Ramban?

There is a fascinating piece brought in the Shu"t HaRashbash (Rav Shlomo ben Shimon Duran) in siman 291 (although written clearly here) where it relates the following story: Rabbeinu Yonah’s ...
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Rav Ruderman interview at Chofetz Chaim [closed]

I just heard that a friend of mine once heard an interview of Rav Ruderman zt"l (of Ner Yisroel), by Chofetz Chaim talmidim - in English. I didn't even know that he spoke English. Does anyone ...
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At what point is someone considered תורתו אומנתו?

There is a Halachic category called תורתו אומנתו, which means that Torah is your profession. At what point is someone considered to be at this level? Is it a qualitative or quantitative count? How ...
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Known Autodidact Talmidei Chachumim (Gedolim) [closed]

Most Gedolim are known for their saintly deeds and breadth of Torah knowledge. Most of the Gedolim are known to have to learnt by other Gedolim or other giants in torah. But there are a number of ...
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Torah argument increases peace

I heard that the Chasam Sofer says talmidei chachamim marbim shalom b'olam because God only puts in a limited amount of machlokess in the world. So when lamdanim use it up for torah discussion, then ...
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Are we obligated to aspire to be Talmidei Chachamim?

The talmud in general seems to distinguish between different kinds of people in certain kinds of halacha. For example, Bava Metzia 23b tells us that a rabbi is allowed to lie for three things, ...
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Why is asking for a bracha allowed?

It seems that it has become a universal Jewish custom to ask for blessings from tzadikim/talmidei chachamim. So I'm assuming this practice is allowed. There seems to be levels in how people treat ...
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Is da'as torah a natural process or supernatural?

When an individual is said to have da'as torah, is that the natural consequence of intense expertise or is it a God given supernatural gift bestowed on those deserving? For example, it would be ...
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Bonim Talmidei Chachamim

The Gemara is Shabbos(Chuf gimel amud beis) says: Haragil Bner Havin Lei Bonim Talmiday Chachamim (very loosely translated) A person who is studious with the mitzvah of lighting will have children ...
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