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Do the sages speak on the possibility that the original tablets Moshe Rabbeinu broke may have had different laws on them than the second set?

We're taught that when Moshe descended from Mt. Sinai, he carried with him a first set of tablets which he shattered on the ground at the sight of the Israelites worshipping a golden calf idol. I have ...
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How did Moshe carry the Luchot down Mount Sinai?

I'm trying to understand how Moshe positioned his hands in carrying the Luchot down Mount Sinai (both the first set before he broke them and the second set). Were they under them or grasping the sides?...
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Who wrote the second tablets, God or Moshe?

I was reading in the Torah that in one place it says that God wrote the second tablets while other verses says Moshe did Ex 34:27 and Deut 10:1. What is the explanation to this, since others claim it'...
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Were the original tablets brought down by Moses the same as the second set?

We're taught that when Moses brought down the tablets, he shattered the first set in a rage after witnessing his people worshipping the golden calf. As soon as Moses came near the camp and saw the ...
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Was Moses really angry or pretending?

The Rambam said in his Mishneh Torah that it's sometimes useful to act angry: If one desires to instill reverence in his children and his household, or in public if he is the head of a community, and ...
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Did Moses throw or drop the tablets?

The Yerushalmi, corroborated by Tanhuma, says that the tablets were two large sapphire stones, and weighed too much to be possibly carried by one person. The letters God engraved on them miraculously ...
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Was the wording on each tablet sized differently?

Was the wording on each tablet sized differently? It's said that the second tablet that contained the Commandments for man's relationship to man had larger wording so man would have no problem reading ...
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Was every commandment on the Tablets inscribed with a different finger of G-d?

In continuation to "the-importance-of-the-tablets-being-written-with-g-ds-finger": I heard in Hagada of Pesach, when the Rabbis discuss the number of the plagues they compare it to hands and fingers. ...
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