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Questions tagged [taarovet]

Questions regarding mixtures, particularly of forbidden and permitted ingredients.

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Why is a potato cooked in issur not chanan according to the Rema?

If a potato or any parve permissible food item is cooked in liquid with a forbidden substance why does it take on the identity of just taste (tam k'ikker) rather than becoming a new entity which is ...
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Why can't vessels become "chanan"?

The basic defnition of chanan/chatika nases nevela is when something becomes like a nevela through becoming mixed in a way that is forbidden. According to the Mechaber this only applies to basar b'...
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Min b'sh'eino mino requires bitul b'shishim rather than bitul b'rov, d'rabbanan or d'oraisa?

The rule that min b'sh'eino mino requires bitul b'shishim rather than bitul b'rov, is this d'rabbanan or d'oraisa?
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Why does dough containing a small amount of terumah become exempt from challah?

Challah 3:1: נִדְמְעָה עִסָּתָהּ עַד שֶׁלֹּא גִלְגְּלָה, פְּטוּרָה, שֶׁהַמְּדֻמָּע פָּטוּר.‏ Dough which became medumma [became mixed with terumah comprising more than one-hundredth of its ...
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The Secret of Nature Valley

What, if any, might be legitimate halachik concerns with uncertified Nature Valley granola bars? Their "Crunchy" line of products seems to be certified as OU pareve(?) However, many of their other ...
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Eating treif b'shogeg [duplicate]

If I ate a hamburger that I thought was kosher and after I finished it I found out it was not kosher, where does that leave me halachikly speaking. I know in Mishnah Torah it says (Blessings 1:19) ...
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