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Questions tagged [taanis-bechoros]

Taanis-bechorim deals the with the custom for the first born to fast on Erev Pesach and the siyum that they attend to be exempted.

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Oops, I just missed the siyum for Fast of the Firstborn

I am a firstborn. Suppose I wake up late on Erev Pesach and walk into shul right after they finish the siyum. Can I still partake in the post-siyum meal, or am I too late? More precisely, what are ...
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Are males with older sisters "firstborn" for the purposes of the Fast of the Firstborn?

Assuming you follow the tradition that only first-born males are obligated to fast the day before Passover, do the males who have an older sister count as first-born or not? Wikipedia doesn't seem to ...
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Why do the first born fast on erev Pesach?

What is the logic behind the first born fasting on erev Pesach? Is it a form of celebration? If so, would not a feast be better? Is it a form of teshuva? If so, for what sin? Is it a form of ...
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Taanis Bechoros for a first born from a C-section

Does someone who was a first born, but was born from a C-section have to fast on Ta'anis Bechoros? The only source I know which addresses this is the Kaf HaChaim on Shulchan Aruch (470:3), who says ...
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Why does a siyum exempt one from taanit bechorot?

The custom in many communities I have been to is for there to be a siyum on a mesechta on the day of taanit bechorot. All first borns who would otherwise have to fast attend the siyum and are thus ...
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7 votes
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Why isn't Ta'anit Bechorot pushed back to Thursday when Pesach falls out on Shabbas?

When the first Seder falls on Motzei Shabbas, Ta'anit Bechorot is pushed back to Thursday. Why does it stay on Friday when Pesach falls out on Shabbas?
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Making a siyum on a chelek of the Rambam

Is making a siyum on a chelek (section) of the Rambam good enough to absolve one from fasting taanis bechoros, or allowing one to eat meat during the nine days? I have never seen someone make a siyum ...
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Does a minyan use fast-day liturgy for the fast of the firstborn if some will override the fast?

This answer refers to the practice of over-riding the fast of the first-born, which is my experience too. My question is: should the shaliach tzibbur ever do the fast-day liturgy? If the community ...
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Is there a custom that the person who makes the siyum on the fast of the first-born should be a bechor?

I have notcied that at my shul, whoever gives the siyum on the fast of the first-born each year before Pesach is always a first-born himself. Is this a generally practiced custom? I cannot imagine a ...
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Taanis Bechorim on Erev Pesach

The Rama in Orach Chaim 470:2 says that a father fasts for his son who is a Bechor until he grows up. The common Minhag is that the Bechorim go to a Siyum on Erev Pesach and do not fast. If the child ...
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The fast or the rejoicing of the first born erev pesach?

I seem to recall seeing somewhere that the fast of bechoros should indeed be a day of Taanug and not fasting. Since the true girsa in Masheches Sofrim should read מתענגין instead of מתענין. Does ...
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Do You Need A Mezonos For Taanis Bechorim?

One of the ways for firstborns to eat on Erev Pesach is to hear somebody make a Siyum. If you hear the Siyum, but didn't eat a Mezonos, and you're a Bechor - can you eat or not?
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Taanis Bechorim or Bechoros?

Why is there a difference in Seforim when discussing the Taanis of the firstborns before Pesach? For instance, Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach in Halichos Shlomo Moadim I (8:1) calls it Taanis Bechorim, ...
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