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Questions tagged [taanis-bechoros]

Taanis-bechorim deals the with the custom for the first born to fast on Erev Pesach and the siyum that they attend to be exempted.

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13 votes
2 answers

Are males with older sisters "firstborn" for the purposes of the Fast of the Firstborn?

Assuming you follow the tradition that only first-born males are obligated to fast the day before Passover, do the males who have an older sister count as first-born or not? Wikipedia doesn't seem to ...
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4 answers

Oops, I just missed the siyum for Fast of the Firstborn

I am a firstborn. Suppose I wake up late on Erev Pesach and walk into shul right after they finish the siyum. Can I still partake in the post-siyum meal, or am I too late? More precisely, what are ...
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Why do the first born fast on erev Pesach?

What is the logic behind the first born fasting on erev Pesach? Is it a form of celebration? If so, would not a feast be better? Is it a form of teshuva? If so, for what sin? Is it a form of ...
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Taanis Bechorim on Erev Pesach

The Rama in Orach Chaim 470:2 says that a father fasts for his son who is a Bechor until he grows up. The common Minhag is that the Bechorim go to a Siyum on Erev Pesach and do not fast. If the child ...
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