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Would suicide be considered acceptable if it was done to prevent yourself being sacrificed to an idol deity?

This is an oddly specific question but the thought came to me and I wanted to know what your opinions on it would be. Historically speaking, human sacrifice was a regular occurrence in various pagan ...
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Suicide to prevent Zombification

This is a serious question which deals with what is now a fictional construct, but one that has ramifications and which has been dealt with (in other situations) by halachic discussion such as this ...
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Is a sotah woman considered a suicide?

If a woman drinks the sotah water and dies is her death considered a suicide since she would have known that drinking would kill her?
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What is the Jewish belief about atonement for suicide?

Is it possible that the sin of suicide is not forgiveable because the person is no longer living and cannot perform teshuvah? Can the soul repent once it has left this world? (I did see a question ...
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Passively providing a method for a terminally ill person to commit suicide

I've read through various posts about suicide and assisted suicide, and I don't believe I've seen this question. If a person has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or they are in horrific pain (...
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