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Requesting information regarding the star of Remphan [closed]

Is the Magen Dovid a later iteration of the star of Remphan or is this a misconception spread by ignorance and/or an anti-semitic agenda? The star of Remphan was a symbol that represented the Egyptian ...
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Star of david with cross in middle? Okay to have (tattoo Question) [duplicate]

firstly I understand that tattoos are forbidden in many ways, I am not Jewish, however I come from a christian family whom down the line there are Jewish members down the line. long story short I ...
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Why the Dohany Street Sinagogue (Budapest) is decorated with eight-pointed stars?

I recently visited the Dohany Street Synagogue, and I was puzzled by the eight-pointed stars that decorates a great portion of the exterior of the main building (notice the star is within another "...
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Displaying the Star of David with a cross inside of it [duplicate]

I belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Would it be appropriate for our congregation to display a cross surrounded by the Star of David? What does this mean?
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Is it okay for a Righteous Gentile to wear a Star of David around the neck? [duplicate]

I am not a Jew at all. I am a Gentile that goes to the Synagogue and believes in Hashem and practices prayers that do not involve heritage, as that would be lying to him. I follow the Seven Noahide ...
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Star of David necklace [duplicate]

My mother went to Israel and just came back. She's Catholic and went to Israel to see the Holy Land. She came back and gave me a star of David. She said it was blessed. I am Catholic myself and ...
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Wearing the star of David and wanting to learn more about Judaism

I was wondering if it would be considered rude or disrespectful to wear the star of David considering I was baptized into the catholic church and attend a catholic high school. I am very interested by ...
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If a non-religious person is of Jewish heritage, can one wear the Star of David? [duplicate]

I asked my mother if she can buy me the Star of David since my Grandmother is Jewish (as well as my mother) which makes me of Jewish heritage. I dearly respect the religion even though I'm not ...
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Bat mitzvah gift from non-Jew

Would it be offensive for my daughter to give her friend a Star of David necklace for her Bat Mitzvah? We are not Jewish but my daughter wants to recognize her friend in a meaningful way. Thank you.
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Can I still wear my Star of David?

My mother is Jewish but my father is Christian and I was raised in the Christian church, but I still have a lot of respect for my Jewish heritage. Would it be wrong to wear a Star of David necklace, ...
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Is it wrong to wear a necklace of a magen david?

Is it wrong to wear a necklace of a magen david (star of David)? Would that be idolatry? And what if I kiss it? Will it then be idolatry?
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star of david and the cross

I am a Christian and our church has a group of women that make prayer shawls for those who are sick or hurting or who are just plain in need of some comfort. We collect these shawls all month long ...
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Would a non-Jew wearing the Star of David together with a cross be offensive?

I am not Jewish, although I come from a Jewish heritage. My great-grandmother was Jewish. I have, since childhood, found the religion fascinating, even though my belief in Jesus has firmly placed me ...
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How did the Star of David become iconic?

We all recognize the iconic symbol of the Star of David, do we know where it came from and where it got its name? I always learned that the symbol appeared on King David's shield. True? How do we ...
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Is getting a tattoo of the Star of David "ironic"?

Amare Stoudemire, a professional basketball player and practicing Jew, has a Star of David tattoo. In an article at ProBasketballTalk, Kurt Helin calls this tattoo "ironic." But he links to a well-...
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What is the source of the Magen Dovid (Star of David)?

What is the source of the Magen Dovid (Star of David) in Rabbinic Judaism? When was it first used, and for what?