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The sefer "Radiance of Shabbat" by Simcha Bunim Cohen on whether stam yeinam is ok for kiddush b'dieved

"Stam yeinam, which is wine processed or even possibly touched by a non-Jew or a public desecrator of Shabbat, is forbidden to be benefited from, and thus is obviously inappropriate for kiddush (YD ...
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Ordinary Wine: Any Lenient Positions?

Are there any halakhic opinions that allow drinking ordinary wine not produced by Jews?
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Can a secular Jew drink non mevushal wine that he touched?

If a secular (non-observant) Jew touches wine that isn't mevushal does that render it not kosher for him to drink? Nafka Mina: gifting non-mevushal wine to a secular friend.
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Does non mevushal wine make the vessels containing it treif?

As per halacha and many other questions here, non-Jews touching (etc.) non mevushal wine can cause the wine to become non kosher. Does this have any effect of the vessels holding the wine, kashrut-...
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Can a Jew drink wine of a ger toshav?

I've heard it said that a Jew cannot drink the wine of a non-Jew. Can a Jew drink the wine of a ger toshav? It appears to me that the reason a Jew cannot drink from a non-Jew's wine is that it is ...
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Is there "stam yeinam" with wine from a monotheistic gentile? (eg Muslim)

Ok so I already know the difference betweem yayin stam (wine touched by gentiles; forbidden rabbinically out of a concern for being yayin nesech) and nesech (wine used for idol worship; forbidden ...
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Champagne and hechsher

I have heard (without a source) that some who were makpid to purchase only wines with hashgachot would consume wine from Champagne without a hechsher, probably because gentiles typically do not use ...
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Non-Mevushal wine was poured by someone who shouldn't have poured it. Now what?

If non-Mevushal wine was poured by someone who should not have poured it, what should one do? Does it make a difference if: the wine was poured, but not for you (ie., you just have to contend with ...
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Stam wine bitul in 1/6?

What's the source (either from the gemara or rishonim) for allowing stam wine to be batel in 1/6 mixture? Does this apply if you can still taste the wine?
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Is wine from a Miracle Machine subject to Stam Yenam?

This article describes a kickstarter for a machine to make wine quickly out of grape juice concentrates. My question is twofold: Is such wine subject to stam yenam? Is it even Borei pri hagafen?
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