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The Addition of the letter 'he' in Yonatan's name

I've been trying to understand the significance to to addition of the letter 'he' in the name of Yonatan in 1 Shmuel 19:1 making it Yehonatan. Is there any connection here with the name change Avram ...
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Does the meaning change among variants of Deut. 23:2?

As noted elsewhere on the site, there is a spelling variation in the fourth word of the following verse: לֹֽא־יָבֹ֧א פְצֽוּעַ־דַּכָּ֛א*(ברוב ספרי אשכנז דַּכָּ֛ה) וּכְר֥וּת שׇׁפְכָ֖ה בִּקְהַ֥ל ...
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Why is Uzzah's name spelled differently

In 2 Shmuel chapter 6 Uzzah's name is spelled alternatively with an ending aleph (v. 3,6) or heh (v 7,8). What is the explanation for this change? Note that in the recounting in 1 Divrei HaYamim 13 ...
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Spelling Variances in different Traditions

Certain individuals in my acquaintance, within their respective communities, use the spelling "Matzo" for unleavened bread, while others opt for "Matzah." Similarly, there is ...
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A Meta reason for the two spellings of Binyomin

The word בנימן is spelt בנימין when he is born, this spelling is used around ten times. Otherwise, it is spelt with one י, why is this? I am not looking for a pshat answer. I am looking for a Drosh or ...
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Shofar without a vav

In Shemot/Exodus 19:16 the word ‘shofar’ is written without a vav (שפר). I would like to know if there are any explanations/commentaries as to why it is missing.
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Halachic spelling of last names

What sources are there for learning how to spell last names in Hebrew? Especially, or halachic documents like kesubos, gittin, etc.
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"Vaishakehu" Extra Points over entire word? or some letters?

Shalom! The famous Passuk on which Esav and Jaacov ran, hug, kiss and cry. The Word VAISHAKEHU has points-dots over every leter. Siftei Chakhamim seems to have VAISHAKEHU וישקהו with 5 nekudot, ...
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כְּהַיּוֹם vs. כַּיּוֹם

Why does the word sometimes appear as כַּיּוֹם and sometimes as כְּהַיּוֹם? As a general grammatical rule, a heh with a patach gets subsumed into the preceding kaf, so why are these cases different? ...
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Why is there a switch from Sin to Samech?

related Relationship between Samekh and Sin (referencing the Schottenstein edition of Masechet Ketubot -- I haven't checked other printings) In the mishna on 46b, the text reads נשאת יתר עליו הבעל -- ...
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