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Sotah in third temple?

Putting the possibility of building a third temple aside, (this is a theoretical question), if the third temple was rebuilt, would the sotah ritual still apply like it did during the second temple ...
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The Holy Water of the Sotah: what does it symbolize?

The Sotah (the woman suspected of marital infidelity), was instructed to drink the bitter waters (Bamidbar, chapter 5) as an punishment. And the priest shall bring her near, and set her before the L-...
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Who taught Rabbi Yehudah that Nachshon Ben Aminadav “descended into the sea first” Sotah 37 a:3-6?

From what source did Rabbi Yehudah learn that Nachshon Ben Aminadav “descended into the sea first” Sotah 37 a:3-6 since no details exist in [Shemot 14:22] about specific sons of Yisrael crossing Yam ...
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Can a pregnant woman go through the Sotah process?

A woman is 3 months pregnant from her husband. He now warns her not to seclude with Ploni. She does seclude and have carnal relations with Ploni. If she is treated as a Sotah, the embryo will be lost ...
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Break down this Rashi for me

I'd like to understand pshat in this Rashi. This is Sota, 2b. Rashi reads as follows: והא מדכתיב ״והיא לא נתפשה״ מכלל דפשיטא לך דנטמאה והיכי קאמר והיא לא נתפשה אועד אין בה נהי דרישה דקרא איכא למימר ע״...
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Under what mechanism is the Sotah's Megillah allowed to be erased?

Normally, it is an Issur Deorayta (Torah Prohibition) to erase Hashem's name - לא תעשון כן לה׳ א–לוקיכם. However, by the Sotah we do erase Hashem's name. Is this working using the methodology of עשה ...
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Eidim Zommemin on Sotah?

Tosefta Sotah 2:6 notes the Halacha of the Korban of a Sotah who was made a sotah by Eidim Zommemin. I am wondering what their punishment would be. Seemingly, there should be lashes. Is it possible to ...
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