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Use for questions about the practice of slavery in Judaism, including when a person is considered a slave, the obligations of slaves and slave owners, and laws regarding the practice or regulation of slavery.

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The suffering servant? Yeshayahu- Isaiah - Chapter 53

Who is the servant in Isaiah 53?
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Were slave-related commandments observed in America?

Since there was slavery in the Americas between their discovery and 1865, do we know of any Jewish slave-owners there who observed slavery-related laws of Judaism?
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Can one buy a slave nowadays?

Assuming that there's no legal issues (like the slave doesn't mind, or doesn't know that he can run away), can one buy a slave nowadays in America to have the laws of an Eved Kenaani?
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Haman servant of Mordechai: text of document

The gemara in Megillah 15 writes that Mordechai acquired Haman for a piece of bread. Rashi writes: וזה בא בפרוזבולי - מרדכי בא אליו בטענת עושר המן בא בטענת עוני שמכר המן את עצמו למרדכי קודם לכן ...
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Why does God allow slavery?

How could a kind G-D allow his people to use slavery on their weaker contemporaries and neighbors and yet be so strict with other requirements?
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Why is the name of Eliezer often missing?

Very often in the Torah Eliezer's proper name is omitted when he is discussed. Examples include the story of finding a wife for Yitzhak where he is referred to as eved or ish, his accompanying Avraham ...
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Why does Parshas Mishpatim begin with laws of slaves?

Parshas Mishpatim, as its name implies, deals with the civil laws of the Torah. Out of all the civil laws in the Torah, the parshah begins with the laws of the Hebrew slave. Why did the Torah see fit ...
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In the story about Eliezer searching for a wife for Yitzchak, why does the Torah alternate terminology about him between "slave" and "man"?

In viewing the story in Breishit 24, regarding Eliezer searching for a wife for Yitzchak, we see that the Torah first calls him עבד - slave (starting from the point that Eliezer leaves Avraham's home) ...
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What would a slave say in the birchot hashachar?

Given that women replace shelo asani isha with she'asani kirtzono, is there any halacha on what a Jewish slave would say for shelo asani eved? Also, would a slave need to be need to be acquired & ...
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Ten Martyrs - Why would Binyamin be culpable?

There's the famous incident known as the Ten Martyrs (see here), where Ten famous Rabbis were killed (not in the same period) as an atonement for the Ten children of Yaakov selling Yosef. The ten are ...
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Why didn't the Israelites fight against being enslaved?

In Parashat Shemot, the pasuk says וַיֹּאמֶר, אֶל-עַמּוֹ: הִנֵּה, עַם בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל--רַב וְעָצוּם, מִמֶּנּוּ Pharaoh was, for whatever reason, worried that the Israelites had become more ...
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Is Esther's comment in Esther 7:4 a reference to one of the curses in Devarim 28:68?

In Esther 7:4, Esther says that had the Jews been sold for slaves and maidservants, she would have been silent. Devarim 28:68 says that we would be shipped to Egypt, and we would try to sell ...
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Why did G-d promise the former slaves to continue cultivating slavery?

This question is a different aspect of the previous question "why-parshas-mishpatim-begin-with-laws-of-slaves". A man that is discharged from a prison promises to never get back. A nation that was ...
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What should a woman do if she owns male slaves

It seems a woman is forbidden to acquire male slaves Rambam Avodim 1.2 and Shulchan Aruch 267.19 What should/must she do if she does? For example her property (Nichsai Milug and Tzon Barzel) she ...
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Had an unmarried Jewish woman ever owned a male slave, whom she acquired or asked to become her husband?

Had an unmarried Jewish woman ever owned a male slave, whom she acquired or asked to become her husband? Was there ever any occurrence in the Tanach, Gemara, Mishna, Halacha, Aggadot, Midrashim, etc. ...
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Mamzeirim and Slaves

If Reuben's sister, Hanna, is a slave and she and Reuben have sexual intercourse, are their children slaves or mamzeirim? Acc. to the Mishna in Yevamot 4:12-13, the offspring of a forbidden union,...
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Hebrew slaves and Yovel - how does it starts and ends?

The Gemmorah links the Hebrew slavery to the [idea of] Yovel (Gitin 65, Kidushin 69, Erchin 29, Rambam Avadim 1, 10): "אין אמה העבריה נוהגת ולא עבד עברי נוהג אלא בזמן שהיובל נוהג. בין עבד עברי ...
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Circumventing the conversion fuss by enslaving and freeing

Can a long path of the Orthodox conversion be circumvented by the following procedure*? Enslaving a Gentile person by buying from him/herself Dipping him/her in a Mikve before a Beis Din for the ...
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What's so slave-ish in the Hebrew Slave?

I'm trying to compare the status and duties of a Hebrew slave that sells himself to slavery versus a man that agrees to work for 7 years (שכיר שבוע), as in B"M 9,11: "שְׂכִיר שַׁבָּת, שְׂכִיר חֹדֶשׁ, ...
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Slavery, the Beautiful Captive, and Conversion [closed]

If I have a non-Jewish girlfriend and she has no interest in running through the hoops of an orthodox conversion, may I buy her as a slave and then free her, rendering her Jewish? Obviously, the ...
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