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7 day mourning period observed after a death by the immediate family

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Protocol/requirements for repeat visits to a Shiv'ah house

What are the Protocol/requirements for repeat visits to a Shiv'ah house? Are there any formalities that can be set aside (letting them speak first, sitting with them, as opposed to chatting by the ...
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Sitting shiva for intermarrying child

We all heard about families sitting shiva if a child marries out of faith. Are there documented cases of this happening? (With all the rites of Shiva, not just cutting the child out of the family.) ...
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Why is Music not allowed at Jewish Funerals?

When my mother died several decades ago, a childhood friend and I performed her favorite Yiddish song, "Dona Dona," at her funeral. Being raised in non-observant families we were surprised ...
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Jewish mourning practices - candle cup of water salt for seven days after burial

I am looking for more information regarding the following custom or minhag excerpt: "It was customary to keep a candle burning in the death chamber during the week after burial; one report has it ...
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What defines a "mourner's home" (bet aveil)?

I'm asking this as a follow-up to this question. Certain prayers such as tachanun are omitted when praying in a mourner's home. OU says that this is true even if the mourners are not present. ...
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Can one make a Siyum During Shiva?

Related to this, this, this and this. During Shiva, a mourner is allowed to study Sefer Iyov. Assuming that learning this one sefer is enough to make a siyum, could a mourner make a siyum during the ...
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