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Why eating Rosh Hashan Simanim (signs) only in the evenings

The minhag (custom) is to see or eat Rosh simanim at the both Rosh Hashana evenings. It is also found in the Gemara ( תלמוד בבלי, מסכת כריתות, דף ה', עמוד ב' – דף ו', עמוד א) that the main point is to ...
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Different se'ifim of the Tur

I've noticed that there are two different se'if numbering systems in the Tur. In the Shiras Devorah, one is in bold, and the other is in script in parentheses: It seems like one might refer to the ...
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Pomegranates on Rosh Hashana

The Rema (583:1) codifies the custom of eating pomegranates on Rosh Hashana as a good siman for the upcoming year, while the Ben Ish Chai (Nitzavim 1:5) says to avoid tart fruits - like pomegranates ...
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Which etrog is closest to the gemara's description of "the taste of the tree trunk and its fruit are alike"?

The gemara in Sukkah 35a describes one of the characteristics of the etrog as a tree that the taste of its tree trunk and the taste of its fruit are alike dinonline expands The Kapos Temarim (...
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tuft of hair distinguish Rashi / Tam tefillen

Why is a tuft of hair put on the tefillen allegedly to distinguish those following Rashi from those following R. Tam? Why tuft of hair at all as opposed to any other siman?
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Simanim in the Rosh

In the Rosh's work found at the back of most gemaras, his halachos are split up into simanim (sections). I am wondering whether we can make inferences from how the simanim are split up and hence want ...
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What are the alternate signs for a kosher fish?

In addition to the signs for a kosher fish mentioned in the Torah, The Tur (Y.D. 83) brings alternate kosher signs for fish that are not accepted by all Poskim. Namely, the head of a kosher fish is ...
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Rabbi Feinstein's commentary on end of parsha's simanim and numbers

In this Hanukah / Miketz drash, Rabbi Mansour mentions a Rabbi David Feinstein sefer (book) on some parshiot simanim and numbers. Specific to the reference in the drash, which book is he referring to ...
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Must Rosh HaShannah Simanim be Eaten in a Certain Order?

Is there a specific minhag regarding when and in what order to eat the simanim? In other words, is it acceptable to serve simanim as a matter of course (leeks with the steak, date cookies for dessert, ...
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Interpreting Abayyei's mnemonic in Megillah 31a

In Megillah 31a, Abayyei lists the sections from the Torah that we read on each successive day of Pesach as follows: "משך תורא קדש בכספא פסל במדברא שלח בוכרא". Each of the eight words within this ...
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