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Halachic Midrash on sefer Bamidbar and Devarim atributed to the Tanna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

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Did Tziporah sin in what she said about Moshe?

In Bamidbar 12:1 the pasuk says ותדבר מרים ואהרן במשה על־אדות האשה הכשית אשר לקח כי־אשה כשית לקח Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman he had married: “He married a ...
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What were the ספרי דבי רב?

BBava Batra 124b, for instance, has Rav Nahman quoting "the remaining books of Debei Rav." How many were there? What were they exactly? If they contained written halachot, why were they allowed? (...
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What is the source of the obligation to listen to the Sanhedrin once it left Jerusalem?

The source of listening to the high court typically comes from Devarim 17:8-10: If there arise a matter too hard for thee in judgment, between blood and blood, between plea and plea, and between ...
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Why the hidden mussar?

The first few words of Sefer Devarim are understood to be Moshe Rabbeinu hinting at different mistakes the Jewish people made in the desert, and he is giving them disguised rebuke. Rashi to Devarim 1:...
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Return *his* dress?

After the command to return a lost ox, we find: "You should do likewise for his dress (לשמלתו)." However, two pesukim later, we see וְלֹא-יִלְבַּשׁ גֶּבֶר שִׂמְלַת אִשָּׁה (and a man shouldn't wear ...
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Why do we say that Hashem chose us if He offered to the Torah to all the other nations first?

According to Midrash Sifri (Deuteronomy 343), Hashem first went around to all the nations and offered them the Torah before offering it to Bnei Yisroel. So why do we say in Kiddush and Birchas ...
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Why did Hashem offer the Torah to all the other nations?

Why did Hashem bother to ask all the other nations if they wanted to get the Torah when He knew they'd say no? (See Midrash Sifri, Deuteronomy 343) (I already know Hashem is beyond time)
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