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Celebrating Shushan Purim in cities outside the Land of Israel

Is it customary to celebrate Shushan Purim also in cities outside the Land of Israel that had a wall from the days of Joshua ben Nun?
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Bal tosif on mishloach manos

If someone gives mishloach manos on the day before or after Purim, does he violate bal tosif? Does it make a difference that the day after Purim is Shushan Purim, or for a Shushanite (or more commonly,...
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Should you obligate yourself in 2 days Purim

If you are in TelAviv all day 14 (24hrs), and Jerusalem all day 15th (24hrs), simple halacha is you are obligated in both days. Even if just lechumra, because the Rosh says you are only obligated on ...
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Skip Tachanun on the Sunday of Purim Meshulash?

In a situation when Shushan Purim falls out on Shabbat, walled cities (which can't celebrate Purim on Shabbat) read the Megillah and give Matanot Le’Evyonim on Friday, while on Sunday they have their ...
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What is the halachic boundary of modern day Jerusalem in regards to Purim

I would like to know what the halachic boundaries of Jerusalem are today in terms of where one would be obligated in the mitzvot of Shushan Purim.
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Why does Shushan Purim exist? Why don't we follow the principle of "rov"?

(follow up question to scimonster's question) Shushan Purim was enacted because Jews in walled cities stopped fighting on the 15th and thus that's when they celebrated, opposed to the rest of Klal ...
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Why do we need a separate celebration for Shushan Purim in walled cities?

Purim is celebrated on Adar 14 because that was the day the Jews rested after prevailing against their enemies. In walled cities, Shushan Purim is celebrated on the 15th because that was when the ...
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What is the logic of the Shushan Purim davening and brachot? [duplicate]

Why is it that on Shushan Purim, when we do not say tachanun, we do not add the Purim paragraph to the amida or to the birchat hamazon? Why do the two not go together?
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Must the Purim feast take place in a location where it's Purim?

Somebody who is obligated to keep Shushan-Purim (on 15th Adar); must they eat the Seudat Purim in a location where Shushan Purim is being celebrated? In other words, on Shushan Purim, can a ...
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Did Aleppo Jews observe Purim on the 14th (regular) or 15th (Shushan Purim)?

Did the Jews of Aleppo, Syria observe Purim on the 14th or 15th of Adar? Was it believed to be old enough for the latter?
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During Purim Meshulash, why does the Seudah take place on Sunday?

When Shushan Purim falls on Shabbat, residents of Jerusalem spread the observances of Purim over three days: Megillah reading & meshloach manot on Friday, Al HaNissim and Purim Torah reading on ...
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Must you celebrate Shushan Purim if you've already celebrated normal Purim? [duplicate]

If you are in one part of Israel, and celebrate Purim on the normal 14th of Adar, but then end up being in Jerusalem in time to celebrate Shushan Purim, are you obligated to celebrate Shushan Purim ...
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Why don't islands read the m'gila two days?

Bavli, M'gila 5 amud 2, cites a doubt as to when the m'gila is read in T'verya: on the fourteenth of Adar, as in most places, or on the fifteenth, as in a city walled since the time of Y'hoshua. The ...
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