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Selichos for Shovavim

Many sources discuss Selichos on Shovavim, but I haven't been able to find any in any of the traditional sources (, Sefaria, etc). Does anyone know where I can get a Selichos for ...
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Source for Higher Infant Mortality Rates in the Winter of a Leap Year?

At the shiva for my infant son, someone said that the reason we say kaparat pesha in mussaf rosh chodesh, is that to atone for the sins that cause higher rates of stillbirth, miscarriages, and infant ...
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Who should NOT accept upon himself a voluntary fast?

Taanit 12b states that only if one has the ability is fasting positive. The Shulchan Aruch (YD 245:17) states that a melamed a Torah teacher of children should not fast, (see Aruch ha-Shulchan) a ...
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שובבים and Taharas Hamishpacha

As we begin the weeks of Shovavim (the upcoming 6 parshiyos, Shemos through Mishpatim), many of us will notice signs going up all around us for improvement in keeping the Halachos of Niddah ("Taharas ...
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The Arizal and Shovavim

This week begins the six week period of Shovavim, a time period that the Arizal wrote is an auspicious time to work on oneself, especially in the areas of sexual transgressions. I have two questions: ...
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Ben Ish Chai on Tikkun HaYesod

Does anyone where I online I can find a book called תיקון היסוד which was written by the Ben Ish Chai?
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Why is it that specifically during Shovavim Do we review the Hilachos of Taharas Mishpacha/Shimiras HaBris? [duplicate]

Looking for sources why is it that specifically these weeks is the time to review such Halachos in contrast to other Halachos, such as the Halachos of Shabboss,Yom Tov, Basar B'Chalav, Choshen Mishpat ...
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Shovavim and idolatry

The initials of parashat Shemot to Mishpatim form the word Shovavim, which connect this period to Teshuva based on the verse of Jeremia 3:14 where the word Shovavim occurs. I also read this is a ...
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Why is the period of Shovavim connected to tikkun habris?

Please see this question and answers for background information. What is the reason that the period of Shovavim is used to address tikkun habris (sexual sins)? Why is this time period auspicious for ...
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Shoivavim Tat significance

What is Shoivavim?What is Shovavim Tat? what is its significance and how is it for lack of a better term celebrated?
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