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I leased my old car to a friend and the engine blew. But there is a catch [closed]

I leased my old car to a friend for 4 days and unfortunately the engine melted due to overheating. It had run out of water. Who is responsible for the damage caused? But there is a detail. The car is ...
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Hatarat nedarim for shomrim

If someone makes a vow to someone else to become either a shomer chinam or shomer Sakhar for someone else’s property can they do hatarat nedarim for that (assuming of course they inform the person and ...
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Unpaid Guardian Holding Object

If there was no duration assigned originally, when must an unpaid guardian return an object he was protecting? (e.g., Tom guards Harry's money for a couple weeks for free, but when Harry returns to ...
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Are a shomer sachar and a nosey sachar synonyms?

In a couple areas of Bava Kamma and Bava Metziah I've seen the term נושא שכר listed with a shomer chinam, a socher, and a sho'el. Is the noseh sakhar a synonym for a shomer sachar, or are these ...
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A shomer chinam whose bailor never returns

Suppose someone gives me something to watch. "Watch this for me, and I'll be back soon," he says, perhaps specifying a time, and I agree. And then he never returns and I have no way of finding him. ...
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If I left my kitchen under the control of someone who is a Gentile or not Shomer Shabbos, is it still kosher?

If I left my kitchen (or set of kosher dishes, etc.) with someone who is a) not Jewish or b) Jewish but not shomer Shabbos--in such a way that they could access it and hypothetically do anything they ...
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Can you please help me with this rashi? [closed]

ולא אמרינן - כשזה תובע וזה אומר איני יודע אם לך אם לחברך אוקי ממונא בחזקת נתבע זה שלא נפסידנו ממונו ויהא מונח עד שיבא אליהו:
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Making restitution for a "missing" ox: a question on the Mishna

There are four classes of people who are entrusted with items of value (Bava Metzia 7:8, Shevuot 8:1): one who looks after it as a favour, one who does so for a fee, one who borrows it and one who ...
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Is Earth a gift from Hakadosh Baruch Hu?

I have always been confused by the entrustment of the earth to Adam. Is the earth a gift, or do we merely have stewardship? Do any rabbbanim state an opinion, particularly whether any Acharonim weigh ...
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What right did Rivka have to use Eisav's coat against him? [duplicate]

The midrashim bring that Rivka dressed up Yaakov in Eisav's special coat (originally given to Adam) that he used to serve his father. [See Rashi on 27:15 for partial source.] Since Rivka was ...
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Ownership of customer's chametz by a Jew owning a delivery receipt business

Recently our rabbi gave a lecture from the Mishna Brurah concerning the obligation to divest oneself of ownership and possession of chametz during Pesach. The rabbi noted that if you accepted ...
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Who is responsible for damage to something that was used at the owner's request?

Suppose you ask someone to use something that belongs to you, so that you can benefit from their use of it. For example, you (voluntarily) give a camera to someone you know to take a picture (of you)....
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Does a borrower-lender / borrower-bailor have a claim against his borrower/bailee?

If a shoel (someone who borrowed non-fungible personalty) re-lent the borrowed item to a further borrower (which he may not do), the original borrower (i.e., the relender) is liable to the original ...
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What is the Halachah if someone lost an object despite efforts to protect it?

If someone charged with guarding an object took protective precautions, but it nonetheless disappeared, what is the Halachah? Let us assume they were not paid for their guardianship, nor were they ...
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