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Questions tagged [shnayim-mikra]

The practice of reading the weekly Torah portion three times — the actual Scriptural text twice, and the translation once.

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Shnayim mikra ve'echad targum in English

Can I fulfill the obligation of shnayim mikra by saying the pasuk two times and then the English translation one time?
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Preferred approach when behind in Shnayim Mikra

If someone is behind in shnayim mikra, is it better for them to skip to the current parsha or to continue from where they have gotten up to? What if they estimate that they will be more likely to ...
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Earliest Time for Shnayim Mikra

The Mishna Berura allows starting shnayim mikra for the upcoming week after davening Mincha on shabbos (285:7): כיון שמתחילין במנחתא דשבתא לקרות פרשת שבוע הבא נחשב שוב הקורא כקורא עם הציבור וא"כ ...
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What is the proper method for Shnayim Mikrah V'Echad Targum?

What is the preferred method to accomplish the mitzvah of Shnayim Mikra V'Echad Targum - (reading the weekly parsha by reading the Torah verses twice and Targum Onkelos once)? Should each verse be ...
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Is shenayim mikra (only) a minhag according to the Chofetz Chaim?

R. Yisrael Meir Kagan writes that every Jewish man needs to know the weekly Torah portion and understand it. He says that the reason why all of Israel reads the verses twice and the translation once (...
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Getting a head start on Shnayim Mikra

(Inspired by this question) Can one get a head start on Shnayim Mikra? Would it count if someone either started early (perhaps during the weeks with no Sedra in Tishrei), or just had some spare time ...
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Getting a late start on being Maavir Sedra for the year

I remember hearing when I was younger that ואלה שמות - is Roshei Teivos V'Chayav A'dam L'haavir H'sedra S'htayim M'ikra V'echod T'argum. If someone who has not been Maavir Sedra so far this year is ...
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Reading Shna'yim mikrah vi'echad targum aloud

Does one have to actually articulate the words (dibur) of the chumash and targum (or Rashi) in order to be yoitzei the chiyuv of "shna'yim mikrah vi'echad targum" or is it enough to scan the words ...
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shnayim mikra on succos for Parshas Breishis

Can you say Shnayim Mikra for Parshas Breishis prior to Simchas Torah?
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Shnayim Mikre during Krias HaTorah

May one read "Shnayim Mikre V'Echad Targum" during the leining of Krias HaTorah on Shabbos morning?
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How does one travelling from Israel abroad (or vice versa) perform Shnayim Mikra when the parshiyot are out of sync?

Shulchan Aruch 285 codifies the obligation for each individual to read that week's parshah, the text twice and the (Aramaic) translation once. In some years (e.g. this year, 5779) the parshiyot read ...
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Is there a Yemenite Taamei Hamikra teacher in Brooklyn?

I was saying shnayim mikra today and bemoaned the fact I don't know how to read it with the trope in the Yemenite tradition. I was wondering if anyone knew where I can learn it from someone locally ...
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