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Questions about שירת הים, as found in Parashat Beshalach (Ex. 15:-18) or its associated usages in prayer and aggadah/midrash

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Source for difference between the tenth (final) shira and all previous shiros

I heard once that the tenth shir that will be sung upon the coming of Mashiach will be different than all the previous shiros. The other nine all mention the downfall of our enemies, but this shir ...
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How does one calculate from pesach to the keriat yam suf?

Quote“We are all familiar with the historical reason for celebrating the ‘seventh day of Passover’ – for (according to the Midrash) the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea took place seven days ...
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No Shema' at the end of Shirat haYam?

Over the last several years, I have noticed that most schuls in the US do not recite the pasuk of שמע ישרﭏ at the end of Shirat haYam in Pesukei deZimrah, while every Nusach Ashkenaz siddur I've seen (...
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Should one lain the trop while reciting Shiras Hayam during Pesukei D'zimra?

Should one lain the trop while reciting Shiras Hayam during Pesukei D'zimra? My siddur includes the trop for the Shiras Hayam, just as it does for the Shema. With regards to the Shema I know of a ...
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Layout of Shiras HaYam: Half-Brick Over Brick

Is there a reason/meaning behind the "half-brick over brick" layout of Shiras Hayam as written in a Sefer Torah? I am familiar with the gemara in Megilla (16b) that states the layout is to be that way,...
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