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"שהכל נהיה בדברו" -- a blessing made on various foods including (non-grape) beverages and animal products.

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A medicinal drink turning into a pleasure drink mid-guzzle

I am not, to my knowledge, thirsty, but I need to take a pill with water, so I do so without a beracha (see Shulchan Aruch OC 204:7). As I swallow the pill, I realise that I am enjoying the water, and ...
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Is a Shehakol blessing required when drinking water in order to not become thirsty?

The Sulchan Aruch in Orach Chayim 204:7 rules: השותה מים לצמאו מברך שהכל ולאחריו בנ"ר אבל אם חנקתיה אומצא ושותה מים להעביר האומצא אינו מברך לא לפניו ולא לאחריו: Whomever drinks water to quench ...
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If one made a mezonot on a shehakol, should he correct it?

As we learned here, if one makes a shekahol, it covers the mezonot food. What if the case was flipped around, i.e, one made a mezonot on a food that was shehakol? What if he realized mid-eating; ...
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What bracha does one make on injera?

Injera is a fermented flatbread usually made out teff, a grass. It takes the place of bread at a meal and has the shape of bread (תוריתא דנהמא). Would one still make ha'adama on it?
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Bracha on Chia Seed Infused Water?

Would this be shehakol or boreh pri since the chia seeds are visible in the water even though they are very small? Would the concentration of chia seeds in the water matter? For those unfamiliar:
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Does adding a different liquid to a pre-existing drink require a new Shehakol?

Suppose one makes a "shehakol" on the water, and doesn't have in mind any other drinks. When there's a third of the glass left, the person refills the glass with seltzer/soda (the glass is now 1/3 ...
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Bracha on coffee before pastry

If one sits down to eat mezonos and drink coffee and the person truly does not want to eat the mezonos for a period of time (just to sip the coffee), is it permissible to make the bracha shehakol ...
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What Bracha do you make on an acai bowl?

What Bracha do you make on an acai bowl? These bowls usually contain yogurt, berries, and granola. Here is a link for reference: Acai Bowl
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What is the bracha on "Kit Kat" bars?

I'm using Kit Kats as an example of any chocolate covered wafer. I'm not sure what is considered ikar - the main purpose of the food. Is it the wafer which requires mezonot or the chocolate covering ...
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Can a machsheva be a bracha levatala in specific circumstances?

According to Chacham Ovadia's chiddush, if you already hold liquid in your mouth, and remembered you forgot to say Shehakol, you may "think" the bracha with the liquid in your mouth, and this bracha ...
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Al HaEitz on a Shehakol?

Should you make al haeitz after a food containing a kezayis of the 7 species if it was not recognizable as such (=got a bracha rishona of shehakol) and/or there was no briyah (complete fruit)? What ...
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Why does the sheakol blessing focus on bidvaro (his word)? Why not bore et hakol?

Every day when eating/drinking we say many times the blessing "sheakol niye bidvaro" (who created everything through his word). This blessing is not composed like the other food blessings, e.g., we ...
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Excluding water from blessing after food

One common scenario is for someone to make a berakha on water at some point in the morning and to drink the water throughout the day. Suppose during the day, the person decides to have a snack whose ...
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Do you need to eat a kezayis of the ikar to make a bracha acharona necessitated by the ikar?

Say you're eating a mixture of something requiring a mezonot blessing mixed with something requiring a shechakol blessing. By the rules of ikar and tafel you would just say a mezonot on the entire ...
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What's the bracha on mozzarella sticks?

Do the breadcrumbs on mozzarella sticks require that you wash or at least say mezonot or do we say that it's only used as a cooking agent and therefore you would make a shehakol on the cheese? Is ...
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What blessing(s) to make on milk's favorite cookie (Oreo's)?

Oreo cookies are wonderfilled things. What blessing(s) should one make on Oreo cookies? As shown below, an Oreo cookie is made of two parts: the wafer part of the cookie, which by itself is a ...
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Why is the beracha on meat 'only' שהכל?

The order of berachot before eating foods are as follows (Mishna Berurah 211:35): HaMotzei, Mezonot, Hagafen, HaEtz, HaAdama, and Shehakol. I seems as though the more חשוב the food is, the greater ...
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