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Since the destruction does the Shechinoh dwell in the world? Kinoh suggests no; halocho suggests yes

Kinoh 12 of the day of 9th of Av refers to the destruction of the Temple and the fact that G-d's presence (Shechinoh) is no longer to be found in this world. אָהֳלִי אֲשֶׁר כּוֹנַנְתָּ מוּל מָכוֹן ...
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Source of Ramban's opinion regarding the Shekinah

Where did the Ramban express his view that the Shekinah was God? I came across this here. In the footnotes it states that he expressed this view in his commentary on Genesis 46:1, but upon ...
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Why kiss the Kotel?

Is there any particular reason for kissing the Western Wall and are there any traditional sources that mention kissing the wall? I ask because someone I know said that the reason for kissing the wall ...
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Is the Shechina present when a person is mourning or distraught?

It's said the Shechinah is present only where there's joy (Tractate Shabbat 30b). Yet we are also taught to cry to Hashem during times of suffering, depression, sorrow, mourning, etc. Is the Shechinah ...
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