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Questions related to the infamous false messiah Shabbetai Tzvi.

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Differences between the mysticism of Rav Kook and the Sabbatean heretic Nathan of Gaza

As I am not a Kabbalist I may be misunderstanding some of the terminologies but having recently read a work by Rav Kook zt"l regarding the Souls of the World of Chaos I noted that the overall ...
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Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz and Shabbtaism

Are there recent "orthodox" rabbis who think Rav Eybeschutz was indeed a shabbtaist ?
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Chaim Benveniste's involvement with Shabsai Tzvi, in Artscroll's "The Early Acharonim"

Can someone who has that Artscroll book tell me what if anything it says on Rabbi Benveniste's following of Shabsai Tzvi before he did teshuvah for it?
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When, halachically, does a sect of Judaism become an independent religion?

When Christianity began many followers considered themselves Jews, the same could be said for followers of Shabbtai Tzvi. I don't believe there is anyone today who would argue that a child born to ...
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(Why) Did God send Shabbetai Tzvi?

I have heard at least a dozen different explanations for why (and even how) God allowed the Holocaust to happen, all predicated on the notion that God is entirely in control and that even the ...
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Permissibility of Prayer in a Sabbatean Synagogue

Inspired by the Churva Synagogue of R. Yehuda HaChassid (18th cent.) who was likely a Sabbatean (not to be confused with the 12th century rabbi of the same name), and his congregation which almost ...
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Tu Bishvat Seder Permissibility

Given that this answer notes that the particular ritual of the Tu Bishvat Seder is likely Sabbatean in origin (although the practice of eating fruit in general on Tu Bishvat dates from the 16th ...
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Ensuring that a community is mainstream

A newcomer to Orthodox Judaism may not have a feel for what is mainstream and what generally considered beyond the pale of normative Judaism. How does one find and join a Jewish community without ...
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Is there a record of the Frankist talmud disputation?

In 1757 followers of the apostate Jew, Jacob Frank engaged in a disputation with Rabbinic Jews regarding the talmud. I would like to know if there is any record of the contents of that disputation.
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What sources did people use to support Shabbtai Tsvi's messianism after he died?

I can understand the appeal of a messiah in 1600s Eastern Europe. I can understand that we want a messiah and we're willing to accept one, whether it be Bar Kochva or Shabbtai Tsvi. But on what ...
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Can you learn from seforim written by someone who believed Shabbetai Tzvi was the Messiah?

During the times of false messiah Shabbetai Tzvi, and for several decades afterwards, many well established rabbanim [1] believed him to be Moshiach. Some even maintained this belief after his ...
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Understanding Shabsai Tzvi

Who was Shabsai Tzvi and why was he considered evil?
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What went down in 1666 before Shabtai Tz'vi's apostasy?

It seems agreed upon that one or more representatives from Lvov traveled to either investigate, visit or out Shabtai Tzvi in 1666 when he was still claiming to be the mashi'ach. Immediately following ...
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