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The seventh day of the week and a day of rest. Also use this tag for questions that apply equally to Yom Tov and Shabbat.

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Why do people frequently change tunes toward the end of Lecha Dodi?

Frequently, perhaps even most of the time, I've noticed that the chazan (prayer leader) for Kabalat Shabbat switches tunes for the last four verses of Lecha Dodi. Is there any reason for this, or are ...
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2 answers

Turning off a stove on Shabbat

Can one turn off a stove on Shabbat? I recently heard that Rav Tendler does in fact hold this, and that it was followed in the home of Rav Feinstein. The reasoning had something to do with gas being ...
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1 answer

Moving muktza garbage cans?

Help! It's Shabbos and the wind is blowing my garbage cans halfway down the block! I know they're muktza, so I can't move them. What can I do?
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Is it permissible to open soda cans on shabbos?

What is the halacha regarding opening soda cans on shabbos? I have heard that according to the ones who hold that you can open it, if I would ask that person to open it for me, I would need him to ...
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Puzzles on Shabbat

Is it permitted to put together puzzles on Shabbat with children? Does it matter what kind of puzzle it is (jigsaw vs. fit the piece in the wooden hole)? Does it matter if there are words on the ...
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Proper use of a blech/plata

What is the proper use of a blech/plata on Shabbat?
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