Questions tagged [shaat-hadechak]

Questions regarding halachik leniencies invoked specifically in situations of distress, e.g. financial, physical, and/or emotional.

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Is "taking a knee" prohibited

Is it prohibited to perform "taking a knee" for Black Lives Matter? The question is about the action of taking the knee itself, not to support or rejection of the movement or its ideas. ...
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Praying at the same time

Are there any sources (prior to 5780) that discuss the value or lack thereof of isolated individuals praying at the same time?
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Purim 2020 Skype megilla leining recommendation

Due to the 2020 Coronavirus epidemic, many are unable to go to shul this year to hear the Megilla. For those who are unable to find a private reading and are without their own Megilla, they have ...
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Informing someone that the food they are eating is permissible only b'deved(after the fact)

Does one need to inform someone that the food they are about to eat is permissible b'deved(after the fact)? Example 1: Some milk fell into the chulent and the Rabbi employed batel b'shishim and now ...
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To what extent does the Torah make allowances for people in severe physical pain? [closed]

I have a severe progressive neurological disease and it's exceptionally painful. Current medical technology unfortunately is not able to provide much in the way of treatment or relief. Everyday things ...
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If one doesnt have a kippah should he make a bracha?

If one doesn't have a kippah (or anything to cover his head) should he eat without making a bracha or not make one at all?
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Opening bottles for me on Shabbos - Jew or Non-Jew? [duplicate]

If I dont open bottles on shabbos because my rav holds that it is a melacha deoraisa, Beshas Hadechak is it better for me to get a jew (whose rav holds its muttar) or non jew to open it for me?
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Reasons for allowing התר מכירה in this day and age

Here is the concluding paragraph from an article from Torah L'Daat (red volume, BeHar 'בענין אם יש קנין לנכרי בארץ ישראל להפקיע קדושת שביעית') that discusses the halachic boundaries of whether non-...
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